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WWE Smackdown 05/13/2011 SPOILERS

The following contains SPOILERS for this Friday’s Smackdown, so don’t continue reading if you do not want to be spoiled. These spoilers are from ProWrestling.NET and courtesy of their reader, Jeremy McCurdy.

A Christian promo started the show. He was interrupted by Sheamus and then by Mark Henry. A brawl broke out. Randy Orton came out to a huge pop to help Christian, and they cleared the ring.

Christian and Orton had a backstage confrontation. Christian said he’ll be 100 percent the next time they meet.

1. Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan. Chavo Guerrero interfered and cost Bryan the match. Sin Cara also performed his top rope move. Sin Cara and Chavo got into it, and Chavo was thrown out of the ring.

Layla came to the ring, which was my cue to head out for a smoke. I was told that Kharma came out and beat up Layla.

2. Kane beat Wade Barrett by DQ. The Corre interfered for the DQ. Ezekiel Jackson made the save. It looked like it was building to a showdown for Zeke and Barrett, but The Corre jumped Zeke again and hit him with their finishers.

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh came out wearing cowboy hats for the Kiss Cam segment. A woman kissed. Jinder Mahal came out and smacked the hat off Khali (we hated the hat, so I’m glad). They had a face off and the new guy left the ring.

Christian and Randy Orton were shown preparing for their tag team main event match against Mark Henry and Sheamus, which was announced earlier in the show by Teddy Long.

3. Cody Rhodes beat Ted DiBiase. Cody cut a promo and received decent heat. He won the match with CrossRhodes.

The Corre was interviewed, and Wade Barrett challenged Zeke to a match at Over the Limit.

4. Randy Orton and Christian beat Sheamus and Mark Henry. A good back and forth match. Orton and Christian both hit their finishers, and Christian got the pin to win the match.

Dark Match

1. Randy Orton, Christian, and Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater. The faces hit their finishers on Slater, and then Orton got the pin.

Loudest Pops: Randy Orton and Christian

Most Heat: Michael Cole, Mark Henry, and Wade Barrett/The Corre.

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1 Comment on WWE Smackdown 05/13/2011 SPOILERS

  1. Just not sure where this stuff is going some of this.

    Zeke’s turning face? Why? The Corre and Nexus groups are dead. Too bad. They could be something viable.

    Best guess: For now, at least, Orton and Christian are going to get along but frankly I’m hoping for the swerve and the sudden Christian heel turn because at least going by this I’m just shrugging my shoulders. I’m hoping it’ll be where everyone is lulled into thinking Christian is being Mr. Good Sportsmanship and then it all goes to hell.

    Best thing I’m seeing is this Bryan, Cara, and Chavo stuff.


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