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POLL: Who Do YOU Think Won The FOX News / Ames Republican Debate?

The FOX News/Ames, Iowa debate just concluded on FOX News, and eight GOP candidates took to the stage. Now we want to know, who do YOU think won the debate tonight just two days ahead of the Iowa Straw Poll? Vote in our poll below and share your opinion in the comments.

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12 Comments on POLL: Who Do YOU Think Won The FOX News / Ames Republican Debate?

  1. Santorum was like an immature frat boy tonight trying to argue with Paul. You are trying to debate Paul on his bread and butter? Are you fucking nuts? You came off looking like a jackass as Paul took you to the wood shed time and time again. PAUL 2012.


    • Absolutely.

      Santorum and Bachmann were the worst. We’re spending too much money both are itching to bomb Iran and start another war. Santorum is an idiot for even suggesting Paul is wrong about most things, especially on the economy. What exactly does Santorum know about economics? Paul has written books on the subject, and learned from greats like Ludwig von Mises. He’s forgotten more about economics than Santorum has ever known.

      And Michele was driving me absolutely insane with her “I led on this, this, and this” nonsense. She hasn’t led on anything. Does she seriously think she led opposition to raising the debt over Ron Paul who has been preaching and voting against raising it for over 30 years? Please.


      • Right on! I felt the same exact way about michele bachmann… She hasn’t led shit. They are all starting to use ron’s language now.. To throw everybody off. You’ll hear “conviction, constitutional/unconstitutional, smaller government etc.” But, ron paul is THE champion of the constitution… I for one will not be folled by a copy cat fake in this bachmann character.


      • Gary Smith You are the Man. I thought I was the only one who noticed Bachmann’s BS strategy of “Leading” in everything Dr. Paul has stood for for decades. I’ve told People that she is the Status Quo’s artificial Ron Paul but she’s actually Sarah Palin with a college degree. Sadly, the “Debate” was not structured to help anyone with a brain. How do You explain your solution to a complex problem in 60 seconds beyond saying stick with the Constitution?? At which point You start to sound like a broken record, even though that’s the correct answer.


  2. I adopted 285 children…I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! I want my money back!


  3. You could clearly see the desperation in santorum. I think Dr. Ron Paul is beginning to siphon from his base.


  4. Santorum is a war-mongering piece of shit that wants to bleed the american people dry to fund more bloodshed and disorder. He was certainly put in his place tonight.


  5. I didn’t get to watch this last night, but even on the radio this morning, one of the co-hosts was mocking most of the candidates, but gets to Paul and can only say that when he would speak, it sounded like the most sane idea of the bunch. I was floored, I was expecting them to rip him for something absurd, but that didn’t happen. They did tear into Santorum and Bachman though, and oddly enough, Romney was hardly mentioned.


  6. Jena Walker // August 12, 2011 at 11:15 AM //

    I personally was not impressed by any of the candidates. I am still looking for someone who can knock the ball out of the park. I really expected more from these candidates. All I heard was the same old same old. I feel that the majority of them were saying what they thought we wanted to hear… …With the exception of Ron Paul, He spoke from the heart. He did not pull punches by saying what he thought was expected of him…..I am convinced that he was not willing to compromise on his beliefs just to appease and possibly get a vote. He kept it real so I give him cudo’s for that…..I was disappointed in Michelle Bachman she seemed unsure as she spoke, I think she was still reeling from all of the meanness that has been spouted about her. I really think that she will be a great support for someone else who is running for president, maybe even a Vice president but she is not a good candidate for President. She tried to hide it but, people like me…I read faces and body language, I sensed a great deal of insecurity, I think she wanted to cry and hear a loved one say to her, “It’s ok; you will be just fine, don’t give up.” She is a good person who really care about humanity so I really wish the public would ease up on her. I heard Rick Perry was joing the race soon. I have no confidence in him either. He has a one track mind. He will tell us what he thinks we want to hear ( much like Obama) to get our votes, then once he wins the presidency he will ignore our wants needs and desires and do what he wants to do…..Bottom line people…..We do not have a candidate who can get the job done yet! Keep Hope Alive! I am praying for God to intervene and send someone who can get the job done.


    • Just Thought I Add My two cent // August 12, 2011 at 12:50 PM //

      By looking at the Poll numbers its refreshing to know People were listening for themselves & not allowing the paid post-debate commentators form there opinion as to who was the clearest, most candid Canidate in the Debate last night. Ron Paul. No one else was even close.


  7. Dr. Paul is pretty much the only one I can take seriously out of the entire bunch. The rest of you pretty much stole my thunder on comments after that.


  8. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi // August 12, 2011 at 3:27 PM //

    help us fight the machine
    Rage against the machine

    Bob Seger System “2+2” with Vietnam Footage


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