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POLL: Who Do You Think Won The CNN/Tea Party Republican Debate?

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29 Comments on POLL: Who Do You Think Won The CNN/Tea Party Republican Debate?

  1. I don’t think Ron Paul sounds like a nut. I think he sounds like an honest man who wants to try something different instead of more of the same.


  2. OrvilleWyatt // September 13, 2011 at 7:51 AM //

    If you don’t think the good doctor’s support is real . . . Than do tell why no one is mobilizing to makes sure YOUR phony wins EVERY poll?

    End the wars, end the Fed, end prohibition.
    Read Thoreau, read Bastiat, read Paul


    • Love this:

      “End the wars, end the Fed, end prohibition.
      Read Thoreau, read Bastiat, read Paul.”
      — Orville Wyatt

      Mind if I share it via fb and elsewhere?


  3. trumpsahead // September 13, 2011 at 2:29 PM //

    Ron Paul does not want to try something different, he merely speaks about what is right and honest: The wars America is involved in, Iraq, Afghan,Pakistan,Libya and more were never declared wars by Congress – they are unConstitutional.
    The bailouts were unconstitutional. Free market is what this country is all about. If you make a mistake, you pay the price, you don’t get a bailout.
    As far back as the Bible, the State, Agad, was destroyed by God when its King was haughty enough to take Sacred soil from Babylon. And Did you see the movie “Jeremiah Johnson” with Robert Redford where he was conned to take 20 pilgrims through a Sacred Indian burial area with the result that all were killed by revenge for desecration.
    It is an unwritten law of our Planet Earth, you don’t disrespect what is considered Sacred, sacred land, artifacts, bldgs, temples, burial areas, etc.
    So Ron Paul is correct – Why shouldn’t Iraqis and Pakistanis etc be fuming and want revenge, when after such sacrilege, all they can see is revenge. Isn’t that exactly what we wanted after 9/11?
    Anyone who thinks people around the world are “jealous” of Americans are truly nut jobs of the highest order. Jealous? I dare anyone to say that two years from now; we all will be wishing we lived far far away from this hell hole we are creating. Show me someone today who is Not complaining about our tyrannical govt? Jealous, look up the meaning of the word.
    If the masses cannot see that the Constitution is the greatest living American document ever created, we may very well be doomed to slavery.
    RON PAUL OR NO ONE 2012!


  4. To the five who voted for Rick Santorum… why?

    He’s the worst of the bunch.

    95% of the voters have it right; Ron Paul won and it’s not even close.


  5. Yeah totally surprised at how developmentally challenged Rick Santorum’s statement regarding the 2001 attacks was; WHAT? you think people halfway around the world are investing all that time and money (not to mention their lives) ’cause they hate our constitution? Are you freaking kidding me? What do I care if some guy in France gets all the best looking girls in his hometown? (analogy) What a dumb-a** – I wouldn’t be surprised if those booers were part of a set-up. That question sure was.


  6. Thanks Dr.Paul for his perfomance in the debate…he is honest and stick to his guns for 30 years. Shame on the Media which has nothing to do with real journalism,they skip Dr.Paul on important question and they make the public think it is just a Romney /Perry Contest. But this effort to ignore Dr. Paul will fail because the people already woke up!


  7. RON PAUL!!!!!!!


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