Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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  1. Eric says:

    Hell yes. I just played through and reviewed this myself, and I pretty much agree with everything you said. This is an awesome game, and I loved how you can play it any way you want. I was pleased to be able to switch between stealth tactics and Rambo-like warfare without being forced to go one way or the other. The story is engrossing and there is just so much to see and explore. Easy GOTY contender.

  2. Eric W. says:

    The Missing Link was exceptional DLC that takes place during the time in the main game when Adam travels from Heng Sha to Singapore. It’s stand alone accessible via the main menu. You “star over” in the DLC with your stats and ability distribution. I wouldn’t have minded an option to allow incorporation into the main game but it probably would have been too complicated.

    I’m bitterly disappointed at the idea that this is the only additional content this game is going to see. That’s a true shame and a waste if that’s the case because there’s plenty more that can be done here. I hope the developers haven’t walked away from this game completely.

  1. October 10, 2012

    [...] In more recent years we’ve seen the Bioshock games attempt to bring that back (from the folks that gave us System Shock) and then last year saw the return of the Deus Ex series in the form of the outstanding Human Revolution which I gave a glowing review to here. [...]

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