Can’t Sign Into PSN? You Are Not Alone! [UPDATED]

Gary Smith

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Vortex Effect. I'm usually posting news and reviews, and doing all the back end stuff as well. I'm also the Gaming Expert for and a PlayStation MVP.

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5 Responses

  1. john says:

    this error is still affecting me, it always seems to happen after an update. the service is shocking for a global company such as playstation. when will the powers that be finally get it right ?

  2. Electric says:

    oh alright, i was gonna get crazy real quick. Guess Ill finish playing FFII

  3. SGxVENOM says:

    We do also have a major release Rezurection for COD:BO and we had that update, the map pack will be free for those who bought the Prestige and Hardened editions this might also take affect as they might be validating everything as of right now.

  4. Eric W. says:

    Unfortunate and embarrassing for Sony.

    BTW, talk about being late to the party.

    I finally learned that if I want to do ANYTHING in relation to any Sony related accounts I (and we) need to do it here:

    Hopefully that’s useful to someone.

  5. XxPS3_Guy365xX says:


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