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The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul

As the Iowa Caucuses draws near, the main stream media successfully managed to make at least a few people think Ron Paul might be a racist due to their biased reporting of 20-year-old newsletters that Ron Paul didn’t write. Idiots, mostly liberals, attacked both Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch the other night on Twitter after the two pop stars declared their support for Paul. The two ladies were told to “do their research” and that they were supporting “a racist and a homophobe.” Nothing can be further from the truth, as there just isn’t a hateful bone in Dr. Paul’s body.

Nevertheless, the “Super-PAC” supporting Ron Paul, RevolutionPAC, put together a fantastic ad titled “The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul.” View the ad below and then go to the RevolutionPAC website and donate to get a version of the ad broadcast on television.

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