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POLL: Who Do You Think Won Tonight’s GOP ABC New Hampshire Debate?

The Republican debate from New Hampshire has just concluded on ABC, and now we want to know who YOU think won tonight’s GOP debate.

Vote in the poll below for the candidate you think did the best job tonight, and then drop us a commenting letting us know who you voted for (and why) and what you thought of the debate in general.

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  1. Vincent Baiamonte

    You know, this gets tiresome. There is no way that RP gets 88% of these survey votes. And you see this on survey after survey. Either the survey results are being hacked, or some RP idiot is voting over and over (likely the latter). This indicates that RP supporters tend to be jerks.

    • No, it indicates that people with a computer who can research the candidates instead of listening to talking heads overwhelmingly support RP. Also, you can’t vote more than once from the same computer because of IP address logging

    • What you say “may” in fact be true or more of Ron Paul’s supporters are online. The latter is more likely in my estimate. However what ever the case you show your bitterness that your candidate didn’t win when you resort to name calling out of your frustration. My question to you would be this. Would you have made the same comment about your candidate and his supporters if he was ahead by 88%???

      Just something for you to think about.

    • RP rules the web as a candidate, sorry just a fact!

    • lol. If you try to vote more than once on these things it wont let you, so you’re wrong there. What I have found is that young people and intelligent people tend to use the internet more often than other demographics. It just so happens that intelligent young people overwhelmingly support Ron Paul, so the demographics overlap. This just proves that internet users prefer Ron Paul. Just wait until EVERYONE uses the internet! It is already making our world a better place by helping us locate genuine honest politicians and connect with other Liberty minded Americans. Don’t be so bitter bro. Maybe you oughta look into Ron Paul’s message. I don’t know why you would think we’re jerks. We’re just passionate about the message!

    • you are some kind of conspiracy theorist?

    • There are more of us then you believe, you lack faith Vincent!

    • Wrong.. this is genuine… and the voters are not jerks but, we know who is!

    • Really? Maybe the real jerk here is a RINO Neocon supporter like yourself??

    • You mean you can only vote once?

    • you sir, are yet another idiot who doesn’t understand the issues….you probably work for the government.

      • Clint,

        Attacking Vincent like that doesn’t do us any good. Instead let’s follow Ron Paul’s example and focus on the issues that get brought up to us. In this case it is a matter of do a handful of Ron Paul supporters spam these polls? I’ve already answered that question as seen below.

        I appreciate your passion, as would any Ron Paul supporter, but we’re not going to win over people by attacking them directly. In some cases I’ve done that and found it is the absolute worse thing you can do. Don’t make the same mistake I’ve done and repenting of and as I said, follow Ron Paul’s example.

    • You don’t realize how wrong you are about saying the Ron Paul supporters are voting over and over on the same poll, Vincent.

      It is simple. Ron Paul supporters post the poll up to the various Ron Paul related web sites, and the various Ron Paul Facebook pages. It is called organizing and paying attention to what is going on around you, and actually showing support for the candidate you back. Have you just seen how many Ron Paul pages there are on Facebook or pages that support him indirectly? If you don’t like how this is happening, then get your fellow supporters for your candidate energized to actually care enough to vote in these polls. Until you can, tough.

    • No one is hacking every online poll. That would be ridiculously difficult. You can only vote once per PC too. Try double voting and see if the count goes up. The truth is you are in the minority as far as informed people go. The neocon rinos rely on ignorant ones. The ones that live in the sticks or are to dim to operate a PC,

  2. Easy there Vincent, at the time I’m writing this, he’s at 85% in this poll with only 206 total responses.

    I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that, supporters of Ron Paul, that pretty much everyone admits are passionate, might stumble across this site and voted their honest opinion (one time).

  3. Actually you cannot vote over and over. After reading your comment I tried it, to see if that actually would work. Ron Paul supporters are a growing group who only become supporters in the first place after trying to understand what he views he had for the past 30 years. A person that is competent enough to fact-check a candidate’s statements and study why they hold the views/stances that they do and decide who to support only after doing some research does not jump on a bandwagon based on an image. Most Americans value substance–Paul supporters see he has it. His conservatism is a traditional brand of limited gov’t based in the Constitution in the manner closest to the “classic liberalism” of the founding fathers while also being somewhat similar to former President Eisenhower who was well known to warn of the growing military-industrial complex. I agree with Paul in that Congress must effectively permit the president to declare war. If a president did so without Congressional permission, that could effectively result in tyranny–imagine, tyranny in America. Ron Paul tends to know more than well-funded, well-connected individuals in seats of power would like. There are enough loop holes in the large gov’t we have today to result in WWIII in our lifetime and Paul offers the only real solutions to averting such a potential disaster. Paul supporters can get quite enthusiastic but it is because they care about individual rights, liberty, life, protections of privacy, property and their fellow Americans. They care about innocent civilians in the countries we are at war with–all created out of fearmongering. I guess the saying “all is fair in love and war” could be true given that you can either advocate for endless war or seeking peace as the ultimate end-goal. Even if peace were short-lived, Paul supporters are tired of the costs of war–financially and spiritually. The Iranian people aren’t evil–evil people are evil and for anyone in gov’t to portray an entire group of people in broad terms does not help foster future peace or diplomacy.

  4. I voted once for Ron Paul. Face it – he won the debate handedly. He is obviously serious about wanting to end the useless spending on wars.He schooled Santorum bigtime, made Newt & Perry look like warhawking fools up there. Romney did not get enough questions to even factor in.

    Sorry if your candidate didn’t show up tonight if you are not in support of Dr. Paul.

  5. mit romney and newt gingrich are both draft dodgers

  6. rick santorum gave JERRY SANDUSKY a award for working with children after he been accused multiple times of CHILD MOLESTING i guess its okay with ricky if its okay with the pope

  7. truth is ricky wants to have a religous caliphatein this country ,, only its catholic fascist law,,were every bedroom will have a direct feed to vatican,,,
    if ricky is such a family values man why did he warn”ENSIGN” that his staffer was gonna tell his wife about “ensign” screwing his wife?

  8. and when the georgia court hearing the case , asking it to uphold the united states supreme courts decission of 1875,, defining a natural born citizen as a child whose mother and father were citizens at the time of thier birth,,thin obama , romney , and santorum, and all the neocons pimping for marco rubio will see they are unelligable and none of them are natural born citizens

  9. Ron Paul is the only consistent candidate (in words and deeds). He wants to follow the rule of law and the US Constitution. That this is considered “dangerous” shows just how far down the rabbit hole today’s America has become.

  10. Undecided until today! Wow. Learned something new: War is to be declared by Congress and Congress is made up of Representatives of the people. It made me think that all the fat cats in Washington, DC who decided (apparently illegally) to send young men to die, away from their families and loved ones, have not even been in the military themselves. The more I hear Ron Paul, the more interesting I find the prospect of seeing a man like him in the White House. Good luck Dr. Ron Paul!

  11. Nailed it.

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything Dr. Paul says, but he is passionate (as are his supporters) and he is committed to his message. While most politicians sound like they are saying what everyone wants to hear and not what they believe – Dr. Paul comes across as a man on a mission. I would love to see what he could do as president.

  12. Dr. Paul, opening one mind at a time. Consistant and honest, just what we need in a President! Ron Paul 2012!

  13. Newt accused Paul of having a “long history of saying things that are false.” oh o.k, this why Ron Pauls predictions have come true. It’s Newt who has a long history of saying things that are false. All this can be easily proven, all of it!

    • This. Newt Gingrich was saying the economy was fine. Ron Paul was warning folks about the housing bubble for years…

      Which was telling the truth?

  14. What if you don’t vote for Ron Paul? …and then….What if they pass a bill that removes the 2nd amendment from the Constitution and what if they decide you are no longer vialble to their plan for a New World Order and what if they come for your guns and your children? Would you then think the Constitution was important enough to vote for the only man running that still believes in those rights?

    • Losing all gun rights is a snap. Look how, by apathy and ignorance of the British, the parlament just took their rights away. They voted in Parlament. We vote in our congress and senate. Could you imagine our elected legislature voting for an Act to bypass our forth amendment? …To give the power to the executive branch to declare individuals and groups ‘belligerant’ to the govt., and simply rule indifinite detention? WAIT! They DID it! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  15. Ron Paul will save not only the United States of America, he will likely save the world.
    The good Doctor is very in tune with how things will work best. He will restore personal liberty and the right to have guns. He will bring home the Troops. He will cut “REAL” spending by $1,000,000,000,000 that is lots of zeros. He will restore a sound currency. He will get rid of the INCOME TAX. He will also protect INTERNET FREEDOM. Too many good things I could go on and on about it.

    Be smart, Vote for Dr. Ron Paul 2012 and save the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and THE PLANET EARTH.

  16. All i know is politics in america is a pile of dog crap do you really think that us illuminati that owns your presidents,politicians,news,banks,corporations,would let rp actually win lol we have worked to hard over these hundred years for that ever to happen,we want mitt or newt,even perry really any of them besides rp but don’t worry we own the polls to so rp could never win just listen to your news they will keep you up to speed and the best thing about america is you people have had it so good for so long you just are a bunch of followers now thats why are news will say mitt and peole will just follow like sheep,i just wish we could hurry up and get to the new world order one world government,currency,religion well we will start off as curency but they will tell everyone to get a chip in your hand it will be so much easier to buy and doctor checkups just scan you and it will tell everything about you,thats just alot easier..

  17. I really hope that Rick Santorum’s numbers dwindle even faster than they rose. Everyone considering Mr. Santorum should see this video:

  18. Overall I like Ron Paul’s positions the best, but I determined that way before all these silly debates which prove nothing. I voted for RP but I don’t think Joe Sixpack would think RP had a good night. I thought the debate showed RP & Huntsman to be the most thoughtful & reasoned on the forum, hence Joe Sixpack would probably like the three Bomb Iran candidates in the following order: Gingrich, Romney, Perry and Santorum. By the way if Santorum was a cop … we would see him every night on the evening news beating marijuana smokers, streakers at sporting events & RP supporters over the head with his nightstick & kicking them… after he & 6 other policemen had them belly down on the ground and handcuffed. If Santorum was a raghead he’d be a taller version of the sawed-off little runt who’s the president of Iran whose name is impossible to spell.

  19. The future for america its people being a downhill struggle
    if one but forced choose a leader from such / poor offering.

    Rick / gave the biggest laugh in his saying that IRAQ should
    be re-invaded /// that USA soldiers should return unto IRAQ.

    The realty being many thousands of soldiers as USA military
    bases remain in IRAQ and they have no intention of leaving.

    What having changed is the name /USA military forces now in
    IRAQ are now classified as diplomats / are considered part of
    the embassy staff. Thus it being the USA embassy in IRAQ IN
    having broke all records / in regard to embassy staff numbers
    the USA embassy in IRAQ have a staff that over 30 thousand.

    Which of course is but a act of the most cunning political deceit
    as political corruption. The reality IRAQ but a USA military base
    such present IRAQI govt // nought but another USA puppet govt.

    Hundreds of thousands of IRAQ’s killed / as be americans killed
    untold suffering / untold destruction // $trillions wasted that could
    have been used /in bringing help / rather than malice destruction.

    IRAQ now divided / as t’was never before. The basic needs of the
    people great //the majority living in appalling conditions of poverty.
    The IRAQI media live in fear afrad to speak out against their govt
    afraid speak out against the political corruption/injustice the fraud.

  20. Independent polls like these show the true feelings Americans have about the next president. Ron Paul is WAY further ahead in the polls than the main stream media is willing to admit. Even in polls they publish showing RP in 1st, they spend the entire time discussing who will take second just to give the other candidates time on screen to try and keep people brainwashed. No more wars for money, wake up!! Ron
    Paul 2012!


  21. "The Current Big Thing" Bryan Micklus

    Hi all. I’m our one staffer who *isn’t* absolutely behind Ron Paul. That said, we have the option to “tag” whatever we post however we see fit. Gary tagged every involved candidate, and posted the piece in a fairly neutral (despite his having pictured Dr. Paul, which I don’t think is of any real consequence and is absolutely his right to do) manner. That Dr. Paul seems to blow our polls away each and every time seems to be a creature of its own invention or possibly the result of anyone who’d support Newt Gingrich very probably having to cope with life without opposable thumbs and thus having great difficulty with things like keyboards and mice.

    I’m more liberal than not, if I’m honest, and even “my people” like Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart have noticed a growing effort on the part of the GOP to pretend Dr. Paul doesn’t exist. To his credit, Dr. Paul is forcing the Republican establishment to (however begrudgingly) acknowledge his existence.

    I still don’t think any GOP candidate has much of a chance, but that’s another story.

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