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POLL: Who Do You Think Won Tonight’s GOP ABC New Hampshire Debate?

The Republican debate from New Hampshire has just concluded on ABC, and now we want to know who YOU think won tonight’s GOP debate.

Vote in the poll below for the candidate you think did the best job tonight, and then drop us a commenting letting us know who you voted for (and why) and what you thought of the debate in general.

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37 Comments on POLL: Who Do You Think Won Tonight’s GOP ABC New Hampshire Debate?

  1. "The Current Big Thing" Bryan Micklus // January 12, 2012 at 3:00 PM //

    Hi all. I’m our one staffer who *isn’t* absolutely behind Ron Paul. That said, we have the option to “tag” whatever we post however we see fit. Gary tagged every involved candidate, and posted the piece in a fairly neutral (despite his having pictured Dr. Paul, which I don’t think is of any real consequence and is absolutely his right to do) manner. That Dr. Paul seems to blow our polls away each and every time seems to be a creature of its own invention or possibly the result of anyone who’d support Newt Gingrich very probably having to cope with life without opposable thumbs and thus having great difficulty with things like keyboards and mice.

    I’m more liberal than not, if I’m honest, and even “my people” like Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart have noticed a growing effort on the part of the GOP to pretend Dr. Paul doesn’t exist. To his credit, Dr. Paul is forcing the Republican establishment to (however begrudgingly) acknowledge his existence.

    I still don’t think any GOP candidate has much of a chance, but that’s another story.


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