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Adam Adamowicz, Fallout 3 Concept Artist, Passes Away

On February 9th, Adam Adamowicz lost his battle with cancer. While the name probably isn’t know to many gamers, sadly, his work certainly is. Adam was a concept artist on such highly rated time sucking games as Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in addition to other Bethesda games.

On behalf of everyone here at The Vortex Effect, our condolences, thoughts and prayers are with Adam’s family and friends. If you want to learn some more about Adam, who helped shape worlds that many gamers have spent hundreds of hours in, as well as see pictures of some of the art he is responsible for, check out the great farewell article on Awesome Robo!.

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  1. Really sad news. One of my favorite aspects of the recent Fallout games is their distinct visual style. This man certainly had talent.


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