First Skyrim DLC Info Drops May 1st

^ That’s the official Elder Scrolls twitter account, and as you can see today they tweeted a little teaser: Skyrim DLC info is coming out tomorrow. It’s about time we find out something regarding DLC for this game; almost six months after it was released.

Also, for those of you interested in being able to do dragon shouts, the Kinect update for Skyrim is also being released tomorrow. Shout and command with over 200 voice commands. I guess that’s something for those with a Kinect, though I really don’t see the use for it myself.

Nevertheless, rejoice, for our first details regarding Skyrim’s first DLC is coming tomorrow. Of course whatever DLC it is will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for a period of time, which lowers my excitement a bit (I play it on a PS3).

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