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The Walking Dead: Video Game Review

The Walking Dead: The Video Game (Xbox 360 [Reviewed, Playstation 3, PC)
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Genre: Action Adventure, Role Playing
Released: Episode 1 April 25th 2012
ESRB Rating: M – Mature

Created by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead came from a very successful comic book series, and now an even more successful TV show on AMC. The story of “The Walking Dead” puts you in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, but not in the traditional way. Kirkman used very story driven characters, to the point where before long you have a very emotional attachment to them. Reading the comics, and watching the show, you feel like you know these people; you bond with them. You can connect with them on several different levels, and it’s all thanks to the great writing these characters have.

The new game, simply called “The Walking Dead,” takes the same approach as the series. The game doesn’t play like Left 4 Dead or anything like that. It’s not your normal action shoot em up zombie game. It’s more of an interactive movie. You don’t even walk around that much in the game; mostly there is a cursor that you can move around the room you are in. You can find certain items that help you throughout the game. And where there are zombie fights, it’s not what you would think. They’re more like a cut scene of you fighting off a zombie, but you have to center the cursor over the zombie to fight back. Sometimes they make you hit a certain button over and over to fight them off. The game plays a lot like an older game called Indigo Prophecy. It plays like a movie that you find certain things that help you through the movie. Or hurt you if you don’t find them.

In the game you play as Lee Everett, a guy who was on his way out of Atlanta in the back of a cop car. You find out what he did to get there later. After the cop hits a walker and crashes, Lee then has to find a way to survive the zombie apocalypse. Soon after the crash, he finds a little girl that is all alone living in a tree house. Lee brings her with him and acts like a father to her. You’ll meet a lot of new characters that are not from the comics or TV show, but you’ll also meet a couple that are, like Hershel Greene and Glenn. You go from place to place holding out as long as you can, and then moving on to the next place. You pick up several allies along the way, some that like you and some that don’t.

Now I, being a huge fan of the comics and TV show, loved this game! The only things I didn’t like about it was some of the voice acting could have been a little better. Some of the dialogue seemed a bit cheesy and unnatural. The load screens would sometimes take a while to load, but that’s nothing too big. The graphics are shell shaded, which I have never been a fan of, but at the same time I understand why they made it like that. It makes it look like the comic book come to life. And the shell shading isn’t too bad in the game; after a while I didn’t even notice it.

Now keep in mind this is only the first episode of what is going to be a five part series. A new part is due out at the end of each month, for five months. Each episode will be $5 (400 MS points) and they will be available for download on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. I played it for the Xbox 360. Each episode will end with a to be continued… and give you a small clip from the next episode much like watching the TV show.

The first episode is called A New Day. It took me a good two hours (give or take) to beat it, which is pretty good for a $5 game. And when you consider that there are going to be five games, its like $25 for a 10 hour game. I loved this episode a lot, and I can’t wait for episode two! If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, either the comic or the TV show,  then I strongly recommend you pick this up. It’s a must play for any fan of the series.

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  1. Good stuff Mike. I plan on downloading this on Saturday when I take my Xbox to some real internet(mine sucks…for now). Looking forward to it.


  2. I haven’t been able to get into the TV show, but I am still interested in trying this out. Telltale has been doing some good things in the adventure game market, and this sounds like another fun one. Nice review.


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