Tom Cruise to Star in Val Helsing Reboot

Gary Smith

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  1. Yaba, I will miss Van Helsing.

  2. Yaba, I will miss Hugh Jackman. He really played it well. it would have been nice to see him come back.

    • Gary Smith says:

      I agree. Always wanted a sequel to Van Helsing, so I’m a little bummed that Jackman won’t be returning to the role. Thanks for the comment.

  3. He may be batshit crazy, but Cruise can still do a decent action movie. Should definitely be passable at the least.

    • Gary Smith says:

      Oh sure, I’m still looking forward to it as I like the character (and I don’t have anything against Cruise). I thought Jackman made a good Van Helsing though, so I always wanted to see him in that role again.

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