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POLL: Which press conference are you most looking forward to at E3 2012?

In looking to add new content and features to TVE, I looked around at what other blogs/sites have been doing, and the one thing I found that I want to incorporate more of around here is polls. It’s not an uncommon thing, lots of sites use them, but we’re going to be doing a weekly poll like our friend Eric does on his great blog The Warning Sign.

New polls (and results) will go up every Thursday evening; the question and results will be posted in a new post, while the actually poll will be find in the sidebar (it’s there right now, so go vote!).

Our first poll is gaming related, and the question is: Which press conference are you most looking forward to at E3 2012?

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5 Comments on POLL: Which press conference are you most looking forward to at E3 2012?

  1. Thanks for the shoutout. I am pretty apathetic toward E3 this year. I suspect there will be lots of talk about the next wave of consoles, and I’m not quite ready for that yet.

    Nice to see TVE pouring in new content. Keep it coming, fellas!


    • I’m not ready for the next wave either (well except for the Wii U), but I don’t think that’s going to dominate E3. After all, Microsoft and Sony have both already stated that they will not be announcing any new consoles this year.

      Thanks, we’re definitely going to keep the content coming. I have more free time now that this semester is over with, and we all want to grow the site. And for slow days, we have an extension collection of quick movie reviews sitting down in our forum archives that we’ll be posting.


  2. Apathy is my reaction as well. I can tell you right now who will have (again) the lamest press conference that’s going to be Microsoft. They’re going to peddle ever more stale games on old hardware but, hey, it’s got Kinect! Nevermind the fact that Nintendo was there doing that a couple of years ahead of both you and Sony for that matter. Everyone’s punting the ball on any new consoles which is fine by me so it’s going to have to be an E3 about games. I’m going to say that I expect Sony to possibly have the best press conference again like they did a year ago.

    Overall, though, let’s face it: E3 isn’t near the big event it once used to be but it certainly is still worth keeping tabs on.


    • I think there’s a lot to be excited about seeing from this year’s show, just based on the game we already know we’re likely to see. Sony and Square Enix I think will be bringing the best games, followed by Ubisoft.

      Sony: Last of Us, GOW: Ascension, Battle Royale
      Square: Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman
      Ubisoft: AC3, Far Cry 3, Rayman Legends

      Add in seeing more (or any) from Dishonored, WWE ’13, Skyrim DLC, GTA 5, Bioshock Infinite, and seeing what new games will be announced… I’m quite excited about it. It should be better than last year, which I thought was still pretty decent (with the exception of Microsoft).

      Going to be a busy time around here trying to keep up with everything.


      • I can pretty much co-sign looking forward to just about anything you mentioned here(except for Battle Royale, Rayman and I’m not excited for WWE ’13 at the moment).

        That said, I’m again echoing Gary and am expecting Sony to have the best E3.


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