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First Screenshot of The Elder Scrolls Online is a Little Disappointing

Game Informer has the first screenshot up of The Elder Scrolls Online, the upcoming MMO being developed by ZeniMax Online that will take players across the whole of Tamriel, as well as a few details regarding what’s going on in the picture (which you can read here).

You can view the screenshot below. It’s quite disappointing to me to be honest, although I guess it really shouldn’t be. It looks more cartoonish than the single player Elder Scrolls games, and is a bit of a shock coming from the absolutely gorgeous Skyrim to this. Then again, and to be fair, this is an open-world game that covers all of Tamriel (which is a massive place), so I guess it wasn’t realistic to expect an online MMO to look anywhere close to as good as Skyrim does.


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  1. *sighs* I guess all of these major developers are going to have get this “we’re going to be the next World of Warcraft!” fad out of their systems. My mind reels trying to imagine the combination of the guaranteed slew of bugs and glitches that any new Bethesda game ships with combined with the usual nightmares of bugs and glitches any new MMO ships with combined. It’s the stuff of horrors.


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