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Video Game Releases for the Week of May 6th

Here’s a list of all the games coming out this week, broken down as always via platform. As you can see, it’s a pretty lousy week as there’s no new titles coming out for Xbox 360, PSP, PS Vita, or Wii once again. On the bright side for PS3 owners, it’s Starhawk week!

Playstation 3
Starhawk – May 8th
4 in 1 Action Pack – May 8th

Playstation Network
Datura – May 8th

Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Dance Central 2 – May 8th
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – May 9th

Warlock: Master of the Arcane – May 8th
Nexuiz – May 10th
Street Fighter X Tekken – May 11th

Nintendo 3DS
Sudoku by Nikoli – May 10th

Nintendo DS
Paul’s Shooting Adventure 2 – May 10th

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  1. It’s good news for my wallet with me having bought Sniper Elite V2 last week and Max Payne 3 locked in at the end of this coming month but I just get a crack out of the gaming industry. We’ll go through weeks of drought…some periods more than others…and then there will be 3-4 times a year, tops, where all of a sudden you get about a dozen or more AAA titles that all come out within a handful of weeks of each other. November has to be the most notorious month for this.


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