Starhawk Available Now, All DLC Map Packs Will Be FREE

Starhawk, LightBox Interactive’s space-western follow up to Warhawk, is available now and it’s looking like it could be one of the best multiplayer experiences on the PS3 since MAG (I enjoyed MAG).

To celebrate, and in an attempt to not divide their player base, they have announced that all map packs will be available for free. Yep, free, which is excellent of course.

There will be paid DLC, but the important thing that most folks care about with online shooters is the map packs, and I applaud LightBox for offering up all of their map packs (one of which is under way right now) for free so that they do not split the player base between those who have the DLC maps and those who don’t. Other developers could learn a thing or two here.

(via Official Playstation Blog)

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