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New Pre-Order Goodies Revealed For Hitman: Absolution

Square Enix has announced some new retailer specific goodies for pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution from Amazon, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart.

Amazon pre-orders, which is who I recommend, will get the High Tech Suit and Bartoli Custom Pistol – The advanced High Tech suit provides Agent 47 with 50% increased armor paired with the Bartoli Custom, an engineered precision weapon, complete with sight and silencer.

Pre-ordering from Best Buy will snag you the Public Enemy Suit and the Bronson M1928 submachine gun – The Original Assassin can dress in a stylish Public Enemy gangster suit armed with the Bronson M1928, a classic submachine gun with high fire rate and deadly stopping power.

And finally, if you pre-order from Wal-Mart you will get the High Roller Suit and the Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol – The High Roller suit dresses Agent 47 in a fancy tuxedo discreetly outfitted with the Krugermeier, an accurate, reliable stealth weapon with a built-in silencer.

Personally, while I’d still go with Amazon (I prefer them over everyone else), I have to admit that Best Buy seems to have the better items here as you’ll probably agree when you see what it looks like in the screenshots below.

Hitman: Absolution will hit stores at some point in 2012. Hopefully we’ll find out the release date during E3.

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6 Comments on New Pre-Order Goodies Revealed For Hitman: Absolution

  1. This retailer exclusive stuff is silly.

    Damn it, I need a release date on this already! *waves wallet* Here’s my money! Take it already!


    • I agree, but I’m not so much against it when its simply new outfits or a new weapon. Where it gets frustrating is when they offer up a map or mode, or a wrestler, that won’t be made available to everyone else for a month or two.


      • Precisely. Or the Tong mission for Deus Ex Human Revolution, an amazing game you all need to play if you haven’t yet.


    • I believe they just announced the date as November 20th


  2. I may have to go with the Best Buy here. Would have to do it online though, don’t trust their in store.


  3. Did you guys saw the image in Amazon of the content? Before I read what it came with, I saw the picture and saw the briefcase and my first thought was “Holy crap, a briefcase with a replica gun, rifle and bullets” SIGN ME UP. But then it was all digital content… I was so disappointed. ha ha


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