Square Enix and GameStop Announce Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Gary Smith

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  1. Eric W. says:

    This is the same kind of thing that Deus Ex Human Revolution did with that Tong mission and it pisses a lot of people off, including me. Sure, we’ll all be able to get it not too long after the game comes out…at extra cost to us. I think that sucks.

  2. Eric W. says:

    Quick update:


    Long/short: The console versions of this Gamestop DLC preorder content are out now and have been since May 15th. Anyone out there bite on it? Any impressions?

    The article states that a PC version of this DLC will be coming August 1st with details on that setup TBA. It will be via Steam.

  1. May 10, 2012

    [...] Earlier today Square Enix announced that they had partnered up with retailer GameStop to offer players who pre-order Hitman: Absolution from GameStop a stand-alone Hitman sniping game called Sniper Challenge. [...]

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