New Trailer for The Last of Us – The Truck Ambush

Above you’ll find a brand new glorious trailer just released by Naughty Dog today for The Last of Us, this one titled The Truck Ambush. I could gush about how awesome the trailer is and awesome this game should be, or about how much I’m looking forward to it, but then what’s the point? By now all PS3 gamers know that Naughty Dog can do no wrong and would gladly go ahead and give them the money.

I can’t wait to see more from this game at E3, where I bet we get a release date for this Holiday season, which means another title to join the November madness.

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2 responses to “New Trailer for The Last of Us – The Truck Ambush

  1. Going to be a big disappointment if this game is anything less than awesome.. Have to monitor my expectations since we don’t know much about it. TON of potential here though.


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