E3 2012 Anticipation: Nintendo Rundown & Predictions for Wii U

Gary Smith

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  1. Eric W. says:

    Nintendo and MS are basically going to be in limbo and cruise control mode.

    Let me open up with this so no one gets the wrong idea: I’m ready to be a Nintendo fanboy again at the drop of a hat. I grew up with them back in the day from NES on up. Just so we’re clear.

    That being said:

    Frankly…and I know this won’t be a popular opinion…I hope I see Sony and Nintendo become a bit more friendly with each other and Nintendo gets out of making console hardware entirely. They just continue to make decisions and have been since the advent of the N64 that haven’t made a lot of sense to me.

    To that end: They still make money, get a profit, and make fun games. But the Wii plateued a while back just as the Xbox 360 has for MS regardless of MS shamelessly ripping off Nintendo’s motion sensor tech with the Kinect. (Sony, too.)

    The more I’ve seen about the Wii-U the less I like it and I’m glad it’s been delayed because they need to spend a lot more time thinking about it and yes, please bring out something that is more powerful than a 360 is today? Or don’t bother. Kick ass on both hardware and software. Stop being at least a generation behind everyone else on this.

    There’s PLENTY of people like me that grew up with Nintendo and have nothing but love. Give me the excuse to whip out my wallet with enthusiasm. I know I speak a lot of other people.

    The more economic troubles Japan and their companies have, the less unrealistic Sony and Nintendo dialog becomes. Anyone that’s followed the CE industry since the earthquake and tsunami knows the Japanese CE companies no longer have the luxury of competing with each other. The Koreans (especially Samsung) are killing them. The gaming industry is not immune at all over there so it’s going to be interesting to watch.

    Imagine Sony having both Naughty Dog AND Nintendo on their hardware. Nintendo would be worry free and could concentrate soley on what they’ve always done best: Making great games. MS would be sweating bullets. I wish it would happen.

    • Jay says:

      Already confirmed that’s not going to happen. They have gone on record about when they stop making hardware they will stop making software.

      • Eric W. says:

        That’s good and bad. Good in the sense that I want to stress: I LOVE Nintendo. I want them to continue and be successful. I just have to wonder about some of the decisions they make sometimes and then you can hit a search for this easily: They lost half a billion bucks and it’s the worst fiscal performance they’ve had since before the NES came out. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that news came out around the same time the “Wii-U delayed” news came out.

        The bad part of that statement of theirs is: I can appreciate pride and stubborness but I think it would be tragic if some day Nintendo were forced by econonics to not be able to do console hardware and they’d really go ahead and shut down what’s always been their greatest strength: Great software. Hopefully we’ll never have to put that theory to the test and find out.

        The Sony concept I came up with above there is not something I’m a cheerleader about. It’s me partially venting and it’s also me looking back to the days before the N64 where Sony and Nintendo almost did come together on the original PlayStation concept.

        Anyone can look it up. Japan is in trouble. Once bitter rivals in the consumer electronics world in Japan are now making real nice with each other because they’re forced to do so by necessity. I just wonder how far that trend will ultimately go?

    • Gary Smith says:

      Eric, the Wii U hasn’t been delayed though. That announcement was just that they wouldn’t be announcing a date or price at E3. It’s still coming this year, they’re just going to announce it after in E3, probably at the Tokyo Game Show if not before.

      And I disagree that Sony needs to buy Nintendo. I like more choices in the market, and three seems to be good enough in the console world. I’d hate to see the day when there is no more Nintendo console. We’ve already lost SEGA.

      Yeah they had a bad year, but look how many good years have preceded it. The Wii was a cash cow constantly selling out in stores while plenty of PS3′s and 360s sat on the shelves. Everyone who wanted it snatched it up in the previous years, and the Wii has basically been dead for a year while everyone waits for Wii U. There’s only been a handful of games released that anyone actually cares about playing over the past year.

  2. lilrizky says:

    This is what I think they need to do if they want everyone talking for generations and make big dollars:

    1. Pack new super mario bros mii with the console
    2. Announce GTA V and Blops 2 (this is a must)
    3. Make the virtual console from the Wii available day 1
    4. Gamecube HD classics (Sunshine + Luigi’s mansion double pack)(Windwaker + Twilight double pack) – since gamecube will be the only console unplayable on the Wii-U
    5. Pokemon MMO: showcases the tablet beautifally, the online capabilities and graphical power (cel-shaded anime graphics)

    (I’m assuming they’re making a 3D mario and HD zelda already, but they will be available later to help continue the Wii-U dominance after a strong launch)

  3. lilrizky says:

    It is still popular for kids, I just think Nintendo has an awesome opportunity to resurrect it for the old hardcore gamers, adding RPG elements such as trainer classes/jobs, morality system, missions/side missions a much larger open world and of course integrative online play (similar to an MMO but not exactly)

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