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Square Enix Registers Domain for Just Cause 4; Just Cause 3 Still Not Announced

Apparently Square Enix has registered a slew of domains for Just Cause 4 using brand protection firm Corporation Service Company. Here’s the domains they’ve registered:

JustCause4.com, JustCause4.fr, JustCause4.co.uk, JustCause4.de, and JustCause4.it.

And in case you were wondering whether or not you missed it at some point, no Just Cause 3 hasn’t been officially announced although I’d say this probably confirms it. I’d imagine we’ll be hearing about Just Cause 3 during E3, which is just a couple of weeks away.

Just Cause 2 hit stores in 2010 and was a really good game, as you can see here in my review of it. I’ve been waiting for an announcement of Just Cause 3 since beating the second one, so the more Just Cause we get the better as far as I’m concerned. Last year, there were rumors that Just Cause 3 was in development, but nothing officially confirmed.

When asked why they’d register domains for Just Cause 4 before announcing Just Cause 3, Square Enix representatives responded with “eh, just cause.” Okay, not really. And I know… LAME.

(via Fusible.com)

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  1. Like Square Enix is going to tell anyone in the public anything.

    As for this news: YES! YES! YES!

    I’d have to believe a Just Cause 3 announcement is imminent at this rate. I’m thinking E3.



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