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TNA Finished With Ric Flair?

There are reports circulating the web today stating that Ric Flair’s time in TNA/Impact Wrestling may be over with. The story goes that there’s a ton of heat on the Nature Boy for his actions outside of the ring; which is say misbehaving in Orlando bars, including being kicked out of one, and running up tabs and then not being able to pay for them.

One source that Mike Johnson of spoke with said it was “at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.”

At the moment, TNA claims that Ric Flair is still on the roster, take any “Flair and TNA part ways” rumors that you read as just that: rumors.

Personally, I’d say TNA needs to just go ahead and release Ric Flair and quit enabling him. He’s got a nice contract directly with Panda Engery, but he’s definitely not worth even half the amount of money that they are paying him considering he’s in no shape to be wrestling and hasn’t increased any ratings or in any way been a draw for TNA. Time to move on Ric.


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1 Comment on TNA Finished With Ric Flair?

  1. Good.

    You said the right word there: Enabling. TNA has enabled this man to sully his reputation and make himself like a fool for the most part.

    Now if only TNA would get rid of Hogan, too, we might start getting somewhere.

    Go away with some dignity Ric. Be on an screen character as a manager or in a JJ Dillion role but it’s been downhill ever since the rightful close match with HBK a few Wrestlemanias ago. I still count that as Ric Flair’s retirement and the rest has just been mostly sullying and nonsense.

    You can’t have a much better way to end your wrestling career then the way that setup with HBK went.


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