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E3 2012: Hitman Absolution Hands-On Game Footage With Commentary

I can’t speak for every other Hitman fan out there but for me this video removes the bulk of my concerns that I have had about this title. Hitman is going to be Hitman. You will have the freedom and variety of choice to accomplish goals the way you want to.

The biggest negative coming out of that for me is the music. It’s dreadful. I knew the drop off from Jesper Kyd was going to be significant but I sincerely hope between now and this game’s release on November 20th that the music gets more attention and if they need to hire other talent then so be it.

What they should do is get on their hands and knees and beg Jesper to bail them out.

This PC Gamer hands-on dovetails nicely with the video.

I’m saving the best news for last, though:

Watch the video in here, too.

This is the best news of all:

“Where Absolution deviates from the franchise’s path is with the Instinct system. This feature was my first victim — I killed it the second I sat down to play the game. “

Perfect. Being able to kill that nonsense is stupendously good news. Since the first teaser videos hit that’s been far and away the item that people have complained or expressed concerns about the most.

Like I said before: The ONLY complaint I have out of all of this is what a drop off the music is from Jesper Kyd. I’ll never know why they didn’t go with Jesper again and frankly I won’t forgive IO for such a terrible decision. Despite that, this game will be a confident preorder and day one purchase by me.

My point is simply that Jesper Kyd’s music is another integral character to the series and it will be sorely missed. On a larger scale, try having Star Wars without John Williams’s music. Same concept.

It’s IO’s loss. It’s our loss, too, as far as this game goes.

Jesper has put up four sound samples on the forthcoming Darksiders 2 game and some of that music sounds almost “Hitman-like”: Enjoy the bliss and imagine what could have and should have been.

Jesper is too classy of a professional to say “Eat this, IO” but that music says it for him.

That music is incredible and I absolutely can’t wait to hear what he’s going to do on Assassin’s Creed 3 as well. Pardon the serious digression here but frankly, Jesper Kyd deserves it. The pedigree of this entire series that Jesper Kyd was an integral part of demands better than what I’m hearing in that video.

Incidentally, another integral person was voice actor David Bateson who voiced Agent 47 through the previous four games. He, too, was unceremoniously dumped but I’m way off on a tangent now. A search engine run will verify everything I’m saying here.

The game is going to be great despite my above digression. Of that I have no doubt thanks to all of this new material.

7 Comments on E3 2012: Hitman Absolution Hands-On Game Footage With Commentary

  1. That video has me even more pumped. Totally can’t wait for this game.

    Eric, you know how I usually rush through games, but I’m not going to do that with this one. I’ve already made my mind up that I’m going to be as stealthy as possible, while killing as few non-targets as possible.


  2. Heh, I know all about it. I’ve been playing these games since day one. “Rush” is simply a non existent concept. I savor these like a fine wine. Besides, if you try to rush through something like this you get to die. A lot. I just hope that November 20th release date holds.


    • Same, unless of course The Last of Us gets announced for November 20th as well, in which case I’ll simply have to split time evenly. Thank goodness AC3 and WWE ’13 are both coming in October instead of late November like they have been.


      • Good. I’m glad these games are going to be spread out a bit more. I’m sorely tired of the type of concept where, for example, the second week of November hits and for the next two weeks after that you see practically 20 some odd AAA titles come out all in a crunch. Ridiculous.


  3. Agreed. There’s a ton of should be great games coming out in October and November, but you kinda run the risk of getting screwed if you pre-order them and get them on release day. You just know if you wait until Black Week (since it really isn’t just a Friday anymore), you’d be able to get these games for $15 to $20 less.

    Everyone thinks they have to get their big titles out at the same time so it’ll be fresh and the kids can beg their parents to get it for a Christmas present.


    • I can appreciate that concept but I really wish there was more spread. I sure wouldn’t mind playing a couple of those during the long hot summer when it’s hitting the 90’s outside. How ’bout you? Patience is definitely a virtue during that Holiday time period. Black Week is so where it’s at. I know I run a “priority” system for myself each year because there’s no way in hell I can buy all the games I want all at the same time. Needless to say, Hitman is making that priority one tier.


  4. Oh I definitely agree, I wish they’d spread it out to one or two big ones a month since we have periods of nothing really. Not going to happen though since they see way too many dollar signs during the Christmas season.

    Hitman is a top priority for me as well. It joins AC3, Last of Us (if it comes out this year), WWE ’13, and Dishonored. Of course I’m hoping to land review copies for a few of those to lighten the load.


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