NCAA Football ’13 Demo Impressions

Gary Smith

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  1. Eric W. says:

    I need to spend more time with the demo. What I saw didn’t look or feel terribly different from last year but things felt crisp and felt right so I’ll chime in with more when I have more.

    • Gary Smith says:

      Not, not much different outside of the passing game. Just a better polished, more fluid version of last year’s game. Exactly what a yearly sports title should be, IMO.

      Looking forward to the full game and getting a dynasty going.

      • Eric W. says:

        Still not sure how confident I am in buying one of their games on day one anymore. It’s the same thing every year. A bunch of hype, a good game that comes out that basically needs at least one if not two major patches and by the time you get to around September it’s finally in the shape it should have been in when it launched in the first place. For $60 I want more than a redress and expansion pack to the game of the previous year’s. YMMV. I’m still interestd, of course, and I will be spending more time with that demo hopefully today.

      • Gary Smith says:

        I thought you had the game pre-ordered from Amazon for $45?

  1. June 11, 2012

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