Download Dishonored’s ‘The Drunken Whaler’ Now For Free

If you remember the Dishonored E3 gameplay trailer (and you probably do, if not we’ll include it below), then you’ll probably remember a rather sweet original score for the game titled “The Drunken Whaler.” Good news for those who wanted the tune, Bethesda has made it available today as a free MP3 download for personal use.

COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound collaborated with Bethesda Softworks to create the score, and you can read about it was creating by heading over to COPILOT’s website here.

In addition, Bethesda, has announced a remix competition where you could win a copy of the game. “What would you do with a Drunken Whaler remix?” is the question Bethesda has asked, and you have until September 28th to get your remixes in. For more information on the remix contest, including how to enter, visit

Dishonored hits stores on October 9th for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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