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We Want You To Joy Puke Your Face Off, So Enter Our Contest To Win A Copy of Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 hit stores yesterday, and undoubtedly a lot of our readers are already enjoying shooting their way through the wonderful and crazy world of Pandora. A few of our staff members are enjoying the game right now, myself included. In fact, we’ll have two reviews coming (a PC review, and a PS3/360 review based on the PS3 version) within the week (it’s a big game!).

But, we know there’s some folks out there who want the game but haven’t gotten it. We’re here to help, at least one of you anyway. Courtesy of our friends at KD&E, we have a copy of Borderlands 2 to give away. Don’t know worry, if you win you’ll get a copy for your platform of choice so you don’t need to have all systems to have a shot at winning. You do need to be in the US to win though.

So, who wants a copy of Borderlands 2?

Here’s how to enter. First, if you are not already a member of our forums, register here. Then post in this thread why we should select you to get a copy. Staff members will read through your responses, and we’ll select a winner and inform you via PM on our forums and an announcement both in the thread and here on the website. Note that posting a sob story isn’t going to increase your chances any, so don’t go making up stuff trying to pull on our heart strings. Secondly, we’d like to grow our community so extra consideration will be given to those who at least give off the impression that they’ll stick around and contribute in our forums versus registering just to try and win a free game and never posting anything else or returning again.

You have until 6pm CST Tuesday, September 25th to get your entry in. After that, we’ll look them all over and should have the winner announced by late Wednesday evening. So have at it.

Possible extra points to those who “like” this post and follow the site (which you can do by scrolling to the bottom of and clicking “Follow TVE via Email.” Folks with an OpenID/WordPress account, you can just hit Follow in your navbar when logged in.)

* Contest not open to staff members. Must be 17 or older to enter and must live in the United States.

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