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KontrolFreek Introduces Halo 4 & Black Ops 2 Inspired FPS Freek Thumbsticks

It’s October 1st, which means we’re now really in the month that is kicking off the Fall 2012 gaming season which is absolutely packed with some huge games. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest games of the season are first person shooters. The folks at KontrolFreek want your thumbs to be as comfortable as possible while you spend hours upon hours blasting away at enemies and friends. That’s why they’re introducing two new entries into their FPS Freek series of thumbsticks for your Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers.

The first one is for all you Halo fans out there. Halo 4 will hit stores on November 6th, but you’ll be able to get your controller ready a little earlier than that thanks to FPS Freek INFINITY. Infinity is the first ever blue thumbstick from KontrolFreek, and it’s sporting a laser-etched design inspired by Halo 4 (which you can see in the image above, and a bigger image below). Infinity, KontrolFreek’s tribute to Halo 4, will be available on October 9th for $13.99.

Next up is the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 inspired FPS Freek HAVOC. This one is matte black and sports a laser-etched Black Ops 2 inspired skull design. Havoc will be available on October 23rd for $13.99, ahead of Black Ops 2’s November 13th release date.

These new FPS Freek’s differ from the CQC (Close Quarter Combat) ones in that these are 1/2 inch taller,and feature concave tops that cradle thumbs for superior grip.

These additions to KontrolFreek’s flagship line (the FPS Freek) of performance gaming gear were designed for maximum control and accuracy. The extended thumbsticks provide game changing leverage and precision, while the laser etched designs, specifically formulated rubber compounds and concave thumb surface provide superior grip – even during the most intense battles.

I received both Havoc and Infinity from KontrolFreek today, and immediately put the Havoc stick enhancers on my PS3 controller and fired up the latest FPS game to hit store shelves, Borderlands 2. When I first put them on (and it’s a snap, literally) I thought “whoa, those sticks are high.” They are high, but it feels great. They’re not lying when they say it provides “game changing leverage and precision;” it absolutely does. They’re also super comfortable, which is perfect for long hours of playing.

You may think that $14 is too much for little pieces of plastic and rubber that snap onto your controller’s thumbsticks, but it really is a great price. If you’ve never used a KontrolFreek product before, these are quality thumbsticks. It may take some folks a few minutes to adjust to having the thumbsticks so high up, but once you do (and it doesn’t take long), you’ll be wondering why you never bothered with these before.

Other than the color and the design, there’s no difference between the Infinity and the Havoc, so while I still have the Infinity sticks still in their package, I can highly recommend either of these FPS Freek models.

For more info on KontrolFreek products, visit their official website here.

FPS Freek INFINITY is available now for pre-order here, and FPS Freek HAVOC is available for pre-order here.

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