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WWE RAW 11/19/12 Preview: Punk Celebrates 1 Year, NXT Invades

Last night WWE presented a pretty good Survivor Series pay-per-view event that ended with a bit of chaos. CM Punk was able to pin John Cena, who had been Shellshocked by Ryback. Ryback was in turn taken out by three wrestlers from NXT; WWE’s development promotion. My favorite wrestler not previously on the main roster was amongst the three: Dean Ambrose. The other two men were Seth Rollins (the former Tyler Black from ROH) and Roman Reigns (son of Siki, brother of former WWE star Rosey). The NXT renegades laid a Nexus style beatdown on Ryback and put him through an announce table. It was a fitting way to make a debut; a gang assault on a guy who was a founding member of Nexus that was just about to win the WWE Championship.

The big question for the tonight, and likely in the foreseeable future as well, is are these three NXT wrestlers aligned with CM Punk and Paul Heyman? Were they looking for revenge for Brad Maddox? Or are they just three upcoming guys who wanted to make a name for themselves by targeting the unstoppable Ryback? And since Michael Cole and have mentioned these guy are from NXT, and there have been some tweets sent out with the hashtag #nxtinvasion, might we see more NXT wrestlers come up to the main roster and join these three men?

Dean Ambrose is pretty much “IT” as far as I’m concerned. He’s a great wrestler (of any style), he’s the right size, and he is amazing on the mic. JBL said last night that if you created the perfect sports entertainer from scratch, he’d look like Randy Orton. Well I think if you created the perfect wrestler, he’d be Dean Ambrose. There are so many shades of other people in this guy that it is unreal; and yet he’s completely unique and the first him, not the next someone else. When you watch and listen to him, you’ll likely see flashes of Brian Pillman, Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Dick Slater, Mr. Perfect, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and so many others.

Anyway, on to tonight’s RAW.

We’ll hopefully here from Ambrose, Rollins, and Roman Reigns tonight, And I’m sure Ryback will be pissed and looking to take out some frustration over once again being screwed out of the WWE Championship due to interference.

CM Punk will be celebrating his 1-year anniversary of being the WWE Champion. He has held the title 365 days. Hopefully tonight during Punk’s celebration, we’ll he see him ditch John Cena’s title (that has been around since 2005, which is hard to believe) and unveil the new WWE Championship. If so, hopefully the title looks classy and great and not like another custom title.

Dolph Ziggler was the sole survivor for his team last night, last eliminating Randy Orton to win the match. I’d imagine he’ll be bragging tonight about how good he is. He got the clean pin last night, so hopefully they continue to build him up tonight.

Look for the AJ/Vickie feud to continue. Last night, AJ showed the world some photoshopped pictures of Vickie having dinner and dancing with various WWE personalities like Jim Ross and Brodus Clay. AJ was attacked by Tamina Snuka, so we’ll probably see a match between the two tonight.

As is the norm, WWE hasn’t announced any matches for RAW tonight as of 3:50pm CST.

WWE RAW airs tonight on USA Network for three hours beginning at 7pm CST.

If you’re watching tonight’s show, feel free to drop your thoughts on the show and/or the happening from Survivor Series either in the comments below, or register for free and discuss the show with our community down in the forums.

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