Quick Movie Review: Enemy Mine

Gary Smith —  November 30, 2012


Enemy Mine (1985)
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr., Brion James, Carolyn McCormick
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Writer(s): Barry Longyear, Edward Khmara
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Runtime: 108 Minutes
Rated: PG-13 for violence and language

Enemies because they were taught to be. Allies because they had to be. Brothers because they dared to be.

Willis Davidge (Dennis Quaid) is a soldier in a war set in the future; a war between the Earth humans and the Reptilian aliens known as the Dracs. Davidge crash lands on a distant alien volcanic world while in combat with a Drac, Jeriba Shigan (Louis Gossett Jr.). Jeriba also crash lands on the planet. Finding themselves stranded on the unknown and dangerous planet, the two enemies put aside their differences in an effort to survive. The two eventually become friends, brothers even.

Dennis Quaid gives one of his best performances in this movie, while Gossett does an incredible job playing the Drac (including having to speak in ‘alien tongue’). This movie doesn’t have the super cool and big battle scenes like you might expect with a “human vs. aliens” movie. It is, however, a great sci-fi drama that tells a very good story and carries a positive message everyone could learn from.

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If you have never seen this movie (it was released in 1985), you owe it to yourself to rent it or look around the bargain bins and see if you can find a cheap copy of it on DVD or Blu-ray. I’d rank this as one of Dennis Quaid’s best movies/performances.

Official Score: