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WWE RAW 12/17/12 Preview: The 2012 Slammy Awards


Tonight’s RAW features the Slammy Awards as well as the fallout from last night’s very good TLC PPV.

As usual, there are no matches announced for RAW tonight. We can expect to hear from AJ Lee and/or John Cena regarding the events from last night where AJ turned on Cena and allowed Dolph Ziggler to get the win.

The Shield had a great outing last night as well, coming out of the TLC match victorious over Team Hell No and Ryback. We’ll probably hear from them and more than likely see them dish out some more justice as well.

Last night didn’t feature any title changes, but it was the night of turns. In addition to AJ’s heel turn, Alberto Del Rio turned face last night. We’ll see how that sticks tonight.

You can vote for the Slammy Award winners if you have the WWE app on your smartphone or tablet. The rumor today is that several old names from the companies past could be reappearing on the show tonight, so it might be somewhat notable.

RAW airs tonight at 7pm CST on USA Network for three hours.

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