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First Trailer For MLB 13: The Show Has Arrived

Above is the first trailer for MLB 13: The Show, and it looks great (like 12). I reviewed MLB 12: The Show shortly after it came out last year, and really enjoyed it. That was my first experience with Sony’s exclusive MLB game, outside of a demo, and it was just a great baseball game.

Sports titles can be tricky in that unless there is a major improvement or new addition there really is no reason to buy them every year. There’s only so much you can do when you already have a formula that works and perfected on a console nearing the end of its lifespan (eventhough yes, the PS3 will continue on for years after the PS4 is released). It’s baseball after all, there’s only so many things that can be done with it.

Having said that, I’m quite interested in MLB 13: The Show and seeing what it has to offer. While the first trailer looks great, it doesn’t particularly do anything for me. I expect that to change as the game’s release date draws near and more information is released.

In the meantime, you can head over the MLB website from January 7th through January 11th and vote on who you want to be on the cover. Your choices are: Matt Kemp (Dodgers), Ryan Bruan (Brewers), Andrew McCutchen (Pirates), Bryce Harper (Nationals), CC Sabathia (Yankees), Buster Posey (Giants), and Miguel Cabrera (Tigers).

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