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Snowman’s Short Review: Just Go With It

Snowman returns with a new short movie review. Just Go With It stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Jennifer Aniston. Do the two make for a good pairing in this “Adult” Adam Sandler film? Read the review to find out.


“Just Go With It” is like any Adam Sandler movie; a funny, sophomoric movie, with a great soundtrack. What I will say, is that “Just Go With It” has taken over as my favorite “Adult” Adam Sandler movie, previously held by “50 First Dates.” Before you ask yourself what an “Adult” Adam Sandler movie is, let me explain. Adam Sandler has broken his films down to three types, Early, Adult, and Dark Comedy. Early would be “Billy Madison” and “Happy Gilmore,” Adult being “50 First Dates,” and “Just Go With It,” and the dark being “Spanglish,” and “Funny People.” For years, as much as I love “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison,” “50 First Dates” held a dear place in my movie life as it was equal parts heart and sophomoric comedy. This film goes beyond “50 First Dates.”

It has the heart of the previous, combined with more comedy, and an outstanding soundtrack. The one thing “50 First Dates” lacked as a comedy was quotability, and over time since I have seen it, I have witnessed my friends quoting “Just Go With It.” It has a ton of heart, a ton of laughs, and honestly, has made it’s way into my repeat playlist. This overall, in all categories, is my favorite Adam Sandler movie. Watch it with an open mind, an open ear, and you will love this movie. It really is the most balanced film Sandler has made thus far.

Also, watch for the hidden gem Dave Matthews who is hilarious in his part, also enjoy the Sting and the Police based soundtrack which pushed this over the top for me, as it was outstandingly placed, including “Canary in a Cole Mine,” “Next to You,” a remix of “Roxanne,” and most importantly, a wonderful remix of “Every Breathe You Take/Chasing Cars” a mix of the famous Police song and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.” I guarantee you enjoy this movie whether you are a Sandler fan or not.

Snowman Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


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  1. Funny a lot of people hate this :D


    • I honestly haven’t met one yet, then again all of my friends like Adam Sandler movies. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I am not looking for anything to blow my mind when I am watching an Adam Sandler film. I am just looking for something to make me laugh and have a good time.


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