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Bruno Sammartino FINALLY Going Into WWE Hall of Fame


With the Rock back, WWE has loved to throw the word “finally” around. Well now there’s actually a reason to use it: FINALLY, the legend Bruno Sammartino is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE has officially confirmed this on their website, so I no longer view it as a spoiler. Bruno is being inducted on April 6th in Madison Square Garden, easily the most fitting place for the legendary grappler to be inducted.

Bruno was huge, but was before a lot of our times (thank goodness for old VHS tapes!). Bruno was the first ever two-time WWE (WWWF) champion. His two reigns as champion lasted over eleven years, and his first reign (a little over eight years) makes him the longest reigning WWE Champion ever.

Bruno had refused to go into the Hall of Fame several times before, and has been critical of Vince McMahon and WWE in the past. Here’s a comment from Bruno regarding why he’s going in now:

“Triple H contacted me and started telling me all the things that had changed and everything that was going on with WWE,” Bruno said. “I started watching it after talking to him and when I saw it, I was very, very impressed.”

And a comment from Triple H:

“I love the history of this business,” Triple H said. “Without the history, there is no tomorrow. To look back on the history of WWE, one of the most important figures in the long story of where this all came from wasn’t recognized. And that was Bruno.”

Bruno joins a class that so far consist of Mick Foley, Bob Backlund, and Trish Stratus; all three are more than deserving and this is shaping up to the best Hall of Fame class in quite some time (I’m a big fan of all four announced so far).

Backlund and Bruno are WAY overdue; FINALLY, the Hall of Fame is starting to feel a little more complete of truly deserving individuals.


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  1. Hell hath frozen over.


  2. Indeed it has…… long overdue doesn’t even begin to cover it.


  3. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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