Quick Daily Review #61: Jetpack Joyride [Video Game]

Gary Smith

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  1. Yeah, this is much better than I expected for a free game. It’s fun to pick up and play from time to time on my Vita. Some of those trophies look like they are going to take an insane amount of time to get though.

    • Gary Smith says:

      I haven’t even looked at the trophy list until now, but it looks like I got eight of the 12 on my first day of playing this (first one at 5:40 and my last one at 7:57… like I said, addictive).

      Definitely don’t see me ever getting the remaining four trophies though.

      How is this on the Vita? Does it use the normal controls like the Dualshock 3, or does it use the touch screen/pad? Seems like it would certainly be great on the go with the Vita, but I’m much better at it using the controller for PS3 version touching on my tablet.

      • It’s great on the Vita. At first it could only be played using the rear touch pad, but they released an update that allows the front touch screen and the normal buttons to be used, too. I use the buttons the most, but the rear pad works surprisingly well.

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