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Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts Says He’ll Be In The 2014 Royal Rumble Match


Well here’s some great news. In an interview with FOX Sports, legendary wrestler (and possible 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee) Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts announced that he will be competing in the 2014 Royal Rumble match.

“I’m announcing that right now. I’ll be in the Royal Rumble next year, count on it… I worked too hard in this business to go out that way. So I guess we’re going to have to take a victory lap. I’m definitely coming back.”

This has been Roberts’ goal for a while, and I really hope it happens. Jake has worked really hard turning his life around, losing weight, and getting sober while living in DDP’s accountability crib. He deserves the second chance and to go out on his terms, once again competing before a big WWE crowd and the Royal Rumble provides an excellent opportunity.

I really hope that Scott Hall, who is also seeing improvements in the accountability crib and turning his life around, gets to appear in the Rumble match as well. Both Jake and Scott have a tremendous amount of talent that they can offer the world of wrestling, whether it is an on-screen role or something behind the scenes.

I look forward to seeing Jake come out at the Rumble, and hearing the roof blow off the building. I’m sure the master of the DDT will get to hear that “you still got it” chant.

Source: FOX Sports

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5 Comments on Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts Says He’ll Be In The 2014 Royal Rumble Match

  1. Awesome. Hope it happens.


  2. I sort of lost faith in Roberts and Hall to be able to turn things around. In the 80s my favorite wrestlers hands down were Jake Roberts as a face and Ted Dibiase as a heel. I was always wondering what happened to him after his Wrestlemania run with the Undertaker, and then it became news after he came back as to what occurred. Then he kept relapsing and coming back, I eventually lost faith in the guy.

    Same sort of story with Hall.


    • Yeah I was the same, but he appears to be doing way better now and serious about turning his life around. He’s been sober/clean for the six months he has been living with DDP, eating healthy, doing regular exercise and has lost a lot of weight. Says he is happy and able to dream again, and doesn’t want to die like he used to hope for. He looks good. Hopefully he never falls of the wagon again. Same with Scott.


      • Man, when I think about Jake in his prime. Jesus, he had the delivery of a Chris Benoit with the mic presence of…well his mic presence really could have been better than anyone else in WWE history. I don’t think he ever could have been the World Champion, but he was definitely up there with Michaels, Perfect, Rude and all.


    • I agree, but I think he could have been champion (same with Perfect, my all time favorite, and Rude) had it not been the Hogan era. Or if they would have just let Hogan chase the title for a little while.

      Too bad Snake, Perfect, and Rude weren’t just a little younger and came into their prime in the “New Generation” after Hogan left. Them with Michaels and Hart, without Hogan, would have produced some great main events.


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