Review: The Last Stand

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  1. Excellent review as always Jules. Still wanting to see it though.

  2. Jules M. says:

    oh it’s not bad sandy… if our review system allowed for halve stars I could easily see giving this one two and a half or two and three quarters stars out of 4 or three out of five.

  3. I thought it was strange to see Johnny Knoxville billed as co-star for this as well. Has he even done anything since Jackass? I’ll still watch this just to see Arnold’s big return, but yeah, not expecting too much.

    • Jules M. says:

      Only other movie I can remember him in is him co-starring with the Rock in Walking Tall, other than that, nada, unless you wish to count the Jackass movies themselves, which I’d really rather not. Thanks for reading.

  4. CMrok93 says:

    You can’t just go into this movie and expect something original and innovative. It’s a movie about having fun and I had plenty of fun watching this movie. Good review Jules.

    • Jules M. says:

      Well, I try to give every movie the benefit of the doubt going in, but that said, you’re right, this wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel. It could have been better I think as the kind of movie it wanted to be, but it was a perfectly adequate action movie for those who wish to view such a movie.

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