Community Spotlight – Recommended Reading 5/23/2013 (Xbox One Edition)


This week saw the reveal of Xbox One, and by now most gamers have their thoughts about the reveal. I’m waiting until E3 to really pass final judgment in the hopes that we actually see some good games, but nothing Microsoft talked about Tuesday appealed to me as a gamer.

It’s Thursday, which can only mean it’s time for a new edition of “Community Spotlight – Recommended Reading.” This week we’ll spotlight some posts from around the community that talk about Xbox One, plus we’ll talk a little bit about an upcoming monthly Community feature.

Here’s this weeks “Recommended Reading.”


Katy has a post up on her blog, Edutainment, asking the Xbox One question “What About All the Gamers?” I share her concerns, although disagree about the box itself being sleek (it looks like a massive VCR straight out of the early 90s to me). Definitely do think Microsoft has a chance to recover at E3, but they set that bar incredibly low with the lackluster reveal. Go, read Katy’s post and follow her blogfor more great posts from her. Plus, she’ll be at E3, so she might be able to get some hands on time with the console and you’ll want to know what she thinks about it.

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The guys over at What’s Your Tag? have a post up looking at how “The Xbox one is a Game Changer.” It’s a good, but obviously I disagree with it completely. I would say there’s no way that that was a live demo of the new hardware, but beyond that the Kinect 2.0 stuff just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Smart TV’s already do the kind of things Xbox One is talking about (voice and motion controls, skype, etc.). So I’m not sold on it, but I can respect that these guy. While you’re on their site, which you should totally follow, go ahead and vote in their latest “Nerd Wars!” poll by voting for either Xbox one or PlayStation 4.

Ms. Throwback of Play Legit posted her “Xbox One: Initial Thoughts.” She’s more positive on it than I am at this time, as her thoughts feature more goods than questionables. I do agree with one “good” though, and that’s exclusive titles. Xbox One will have 15 in its first year, and hopefully we’ll hear about all of them at E3. It’s all about the games for me, so Microsoft still has a chance.  Make sure to follow Play Legit while you’re there reading Ms. Throwback’s post.

Laurie wrote a post titled “I caved; here’s what I think after reading about Xbox One” on her blog Littler Sister Gaming. From the post we’ve seen so far, I’m definitely much more in agreement with Laurie (although I don’t having a gaming PC). She’s really spot on when talking about the Indie developers and how Microsoft is mistreating them. Sad that Xbox One is throwing the little guys under the bus while Steam, PS4, and even Wii U are embracing them. Go, read Laurie’s great post and follow Little Sister Gaming as well.


Kevin posted his “Xbox One Impressions” on his blog ELECTROSPORTS, and he’s favorable and impressed on the device. We definitely came out of that reveal with totally different feelings and impressions, but that’s what gamers do. I do want to know more about Quantum Break, namely what type of game is it. It’s a pretty safe assumption that we’ll find out more on it at E3, and I hope Microsoft delivers something awesome. Kevin has loads more Xbox One stuff up, so go read through his posts and follow his blog.

The Chindividual gave his Xbox One thoughts in a post simply titled “Wow.” on his blog The Chindividual. He’s not saying “Wow” for a good reason either, and yeah it’s the same kind of “wow” that was running through my head throughout the reveal. Although I do disagree that Sony didn’t set the bar all that high; I thought Sony’s PS4 reveal did set a pretty high bar. Brobox sounds awesome though. Make sure you follow The Chindividual.

Jsick posted a great, and very detailed, look at the reveal in his posted titled “Gut Reaction to the Xbox One Reveal” on his blog, Slick Gaming. I largely agree with what he has to say, and we share the same concerns on the system. Also, he brings up some good questions that were left unanswered, and if I had to guess, I’m pretty sure Microsoft will lock all that fancy TV stuff behind the Xbox LIVE paywall. Highly recommend that you all follow Slick Gaming.

LadyCroft3 posted a good piece that both provides a recap of the Xbox One reveal and her thoughts on it in a post titled “Microsoft’s Next Generation Reveal – The Xbox One” on her awesomely named blog Link Saves Zelda. When you go read her post, you’ll see the comment I left on it; so I don’t need to go into what I think here. The take away from her thoughts that really describes where I’m at is “There was nothing said that made me want a Xbox One over a PS4, so I will stick to purchasing a PS4 this year and then picking up the Xbox One sometime early next year.” I’m the same, except it probably one even be an early next year purchase for me at this point. Follow Link Saves Zelda, and also check out LadyCroft3′s live streams which you can find out more about on her site.

Finally, Ashley Hagood gave her thoughts in a great post titled “Game Console Problems: Why I’m Leaning Toward Xbox One” on her site Robo♥Beat. Now by this point you already know that I am firmly on the other side of the coin in that I’m not just leaning toward PlayStation 4 I’m practically standing in line waiting to pre-order it. Still, Ashley does a great job of looking at both Xbox One and PS4 and detailing why she is currently leaning towards Xbox One. If you’re not already, you should totally be following Robo♥Beat.

That’s all for this week’s recommended reading around the community. Next week will of course offer up more recommended reading, but it will also debut a new monthly community feature that I’m quite excited about: Community Fact or Fiction. That article will debut Friday, May 31st, and it’ll feature myself and fellow TVE staff member Eric W., and we’ll be joined by three great bloggers but you’re going to have to wait until then to find out who they are.