No, Microsoft, I Won’t Buy Your Anti-Consumer, Super Restrictive Cable Box Accessory

Gary Smith

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  1. Katy says:

    I’m waiting for Microsoft to explain why any of these things are good for gamers.
    Super pissed about not being able to rent games — what about the games I want to try before I buy? Ugh.

    • Gary Smith says:

      They’ll just tell you to download a demo. And you’re going to be waiting a long time, I bet this is the reason Microsoft canceled their media briefings after their E3 press conference and one-on-one interviews. They don’t want to answer questions because they don’t have answers that anyone wants to hear.

  2. Angry Joe keeps flipping out about this haha its so bad! xD

  3. Jay Shah says:

    Finally, someone who is not afraid of telling how it is and then some. Many sites have been pussyfooting around what Microsoft is doing and refusing to condemn what is in reality an assault on consumer rights by the one of the biggest corporations on the planet. You are absolutely right about how many are actually defending and even justifying such policies which in the long run will result in something similar to what is plaguing the film industry – bloated, expensive end product that is derivative, uninspiring, and often boring.

  4. I am 100 percent not getting an xbox one. This article does a good job breaking it down. What really does it for me though is how microsoft is partnered up with the nsa. LOL!! Gamers are terrorist now? Being monitered all the time? Its bull. Its against our rights and I wasn’t put here on earth to be watched all the time. I like privacy. I dont need to be paranoid about me and my partner having sex in front of a camera that can be easily hacked. If your going to be monitoring me and watching me, Microsoft should be paying us. Not us paying them an annual fee. Its disgusting and this is only the beginning. This is the prelude.

  5. John says:

    All I know is this:
    No device with an always-on camera and microphone and a requirement to be connected to the internet has a place in my home.
    I’m more concerned that Kinect always watching could charge you per people in the room to watch TV and movies
    $400 xBox One competing for the living room with the Wii-U and the OUYA…congratulations Microsoft.

  6. Hannibal G says:

    Right now, i live in a small lil back house that gets internet, but its spotty. I live in a great area, but just the way the internet is set up i can only use wireless, and it goes down…A LOT. And i cant even get my ps3 to connect to it. Now lets say this was the Xbox One, i wouldnt even be able to play the console i just paid for because i couldn’t get a connection. That feature really really really sucks, i don’t know how anybody could support it. So if someone moves, and sometimes they have to go a week or two before internet is set up. That means you can only look at your console but not play it. Thats lame. And i don’t think ill be buying the next Xbox if that’s the case.

  7. Bravo sir, bravo. This is the greatest thing you have ever written. Simply fantastic. I even had to tweet the link for it to @Xbox.

  8. Amen, let’s vote with our dollars. Just kinda sad that this might be the generation where me and gaming part ways.

  9. This pisses me off too. As you know, I thought the initial Xbox One reveal being focused on voice commands and other media was great. I loved that.

    But this DRM and online-every-24-hours stuff? It’s beyond frustrating. It’s even insulting. I’m hoping that there’s a good reason for these features, but it seems to be nothing more than a method of policing gamers — the very gamers who spend hundreds of dollars on consoles and purchase games (yes, new games too!) to support the industry that they love. We need better ways to share games — ones that benefit the game developers, too — not this kind of shutdown on trading games. It’s like gamers are being treated like kids who have been naughty for purchasing used games or something. As you highlight here, these ideas are not beneficial to us or even innovative at all.

    So it is like a media console — because that’s what consistently works — not a gaming console. I have nothing against a media console, but it’s not what Xbox is about. And my friend who lives in a rural area with shoddy internet? I guess she’s getting a PS4.

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