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The Breaking Bad Anticipation Station (Part Duex)



Yes, it’s another Breaking Bad related post here today on Pulp Culture, as I am getting more and more hyped as August 11th and the premiere of the last eight episodes of the best television series of the past half decade or so (Sorry Mad Men, I like you too though, I swear.) gets closer and closer. So you can indeed expect more of the same as that luminous date approaches. I came upon this video while stumbling around on Youtube looking for, you guessed it, other Breaking Bad related videos to hold me over until that aforementioned start date. This is a great catch-me-up on the first four and a half seasons of the show. It’s a good half hour long so make sure you have time before you click the old play button, but it’s worth watching if you could use a little refresher on things that have went down in the last five years. Whoever edited this little deal together did a truly wonderful job (although I do think it is a little heavy on the dramatic background music, but I found that I was able to get past that…), so big kudos to them.

Now before I go on to commit a truly unpardonable sin by encouraging people to spoil themselves on this amazing show, I say here right now do NOT watch this if you haven’t seen the first four and a half seasons of the show already and would like to do so at some point, as it obviously, contains a good deal of spoilers that are central to the plot of Breaking Bad. If you have seen them, or at least most of them, and would like something to get you in the spirit of Heisenberg before Breaking Bad gets underway again, this is definitely the video for you. So with that said, happy watching.



And for those of you who watched all of that, here’s another great video, with late night host Conan O’Brien, who has been a long time fan and supporter of the show (who has had practically the entire cast on at some point or another on his TBS show) holding an hour long panel discussion with cast and crew members including Bryan Cranston, Dean Norris, Jonathon Banks, Anna Gun, show producer and head writer Vince Gilligan among many, many others answering questions from the Conan O’Brien and a town hall like audience set up. Conspicuous by his absence here though is Aaron Paul, who plays ‘Jesse Pinkman’ on the show. It would have been nice to have had his input here as he is kind of the co-lead on Breaking Bad alongside Bryan Cranston’s irreplaceable ‘Walter White’ character, but there’s more than enough here as it is without him to make it a very interesting and entertaining discussion panel nonetheless. That’s all for this shorter than average update. Hopefully everyone’s week is getting off to a decent enough start here. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch ya all on the flipside.


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