Classic Cinema Wednesday #11: Casablanca

Gary Smith

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  1. A fair and honest review. I was initially underwhelmed by Casablanca, too, but the more I thought about it, the more I appreciated it. I have been meaning to revisit it actually, this time without the lofty expectations.

    Anywho, glad to see the Classic Cinema series return! Looking forward to your next installment.

  2. Good honest review Gary. It’s been ages since I’ve revisited this one, but I think I liked it more than you did because of what Eric mentioned above. I tried to (or perhaps just happened to) forget that I was watching “Casablanca – the greatest movie ever made according to every critic who ever put finger to keys- and just watching an old popcorn flick with Bogie, my favorite old time actor in it… I read that when it was released Casablanca was never expected to receive the critical praise it got. It was just another formulaic big budget star driven Hollywood picture… but I think, and I need to see this again to state this more clearly, this was a case of the right movie at the right time, with the perfect cast that captured the public’s imagination, and never let it do. To me Bogart never looked more like what you wanted Bogart to look like than when he’s coming down those steps for the first time in this movie, and Rick’s character arc as the guy who sticks his neck out for no one turning into the guy who would give up everything for a cause greater than himself was a perfect fit for him as an actor.

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