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Sony & Amazon Team Up To Bring Digital PSN Store to Amazon

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Some truly wonderful news today if you’re a PlayStation gamer who wants to go digital; Sony and Amazon have partnered up to bring the PlayStation Network Digital Store to

As of today, you can purchase digital codes for PS3 and PS Vita games and DLC. PS4 games will become available when the system launches. This means you won’t need to use your credit card in the PlayStation Store, or buy PSN cards, to get digital content. And I have to say that that is pretty awesome.

So far, the digital codes are priced exactly the same as the physical copies sold by Amazon. The selection of games available now isn’t that big, but at least the prices in some cases are cheaper than they are on the PlayStation Store. Hopefully this means that Amazon will be able to keep their digital prices the same as physical prices even when it dips down low.

I’m pretty sure my disc drive is going out on my PS3, and I have wanted to go digital when I eventually get a PS4 (and I mean digital when it makes sense… I’m not going to pay more for a digital copy ever), so this is great news for me. I only purchase games from Amazon anyway, so this is really welcomed news to me.

Sure, PSN titles used to be sold on Amazon and then they quit. It’s a little different this time in that there are retail games and this is actually meant to be a digital alternative for PlayStation gamers where they can take advantage of some cheaper prices than on the PS Store. I’m all for it, and I think it is a brilliant move for any company looking to push digital.

Is this enough to get you buying PS4, PS3, or PS Vita digital games? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Comments on Sony & Amazon Team Up To Bring Digital PSN Store to Amazon

  1. I am a playstation user I have bought PS1 ,PS2 and PS3 But PS4 I am not sure about that one. I have games that I still play, Like Guitar Hero series, Demon’s Souls , and some racing games. How would I be able to play these games on the PS4 when it’s NOT backwards compatible like the PS2 and PS3. Buying a PS4 means starting a new game collection all over again. What happens to the games you already bought and like to play? for the PS3.
    NOT all games for the PS3 will be available for the PS4. PS4 NOT being backwards compatible is a game console killer and a big disappointment for the playstation franchise.


  2. It definitely sucks not having systems being backwards compatible but in the cases you still have things you play simply keep the system. I’m moving my 360 out of the living room to make space for Next-Gen consoles but plan on keeping it indefinitely while I still have games I actively play.

    it’s the same thing as the old school move from NES to Super NES, no reason to get rid of the NES (hell I still have one in my closet) just because there is a new system coming.


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