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Sony & Amazon Team Up To Bring Digital PSN Store to Amazon

Gary Smith

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Vortex Effect. I'm usually posting news and reviews, and doing all the back end stuff as well. I'm also the Gaming Expert for Answers.com.

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  1. Sean Smith says:

    I am a playstation user I have bought PS1 ,PS2 and PS3 But PS4 I am not sure about that one. I have games that I still play, Like Guitar Hero series, Demon’s Souls , and some racing games. How would I be able to play these games on the PS4 when it’s NOT backwards compatible like the PS2 and PS3. Buying a PS4 means starting a new game collection all over again. What happens to the games you already bought and like to play? for the PS3.
    NOT all games for the PS3 will be available for the PS4. PS4 NOT being backwards compatible is a game console killer and a big disappointment for the playstation franchise.

  2. THE MONKEY says:

    It definitely sucks not having systems being backwards compatible but in the cases you still have things you play simply keep the system. I’m moving my 360 out of the living room to make space for Next-Gen consoles but plan on keeping it indefinitely while I still have games I actively play.

    it’s the same thing as the old school move from NES to Super NES, no reason to get rid of the NES (hell I still have one in my closet) just because there is a new system coming.

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