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Twitch Streaming on XBOX One Gets Release Date

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One of the main features missing during launch from XBOX One was the ability to broadcast your gameplay videos directly to the internet using the Twitch service.  Instead XBOX One users were only able to view other broadcasts on Twitch rather than create their own, with the promise of the service to fully roll out during early 2014.  Well it appears that not only will Twitch be rolling out on XBOX One the announcement comes with a bit of a cherry on top.  To coincide with the March 11th release of Titanfall the Twitch broadcasting service is expected to be fully functional on XBOX One.  In addition to the ability to stream content the service will also roll out the ability for viewers to jump into the broadcaster’s party.

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  1. I swear, dude, every time I’ve seen a “Titanfall” headline around here over the last couple of weeks, and there’ve been a few, I’ve jumped to the conclusion that someone was doing a series predicting the crumbling of WWE. ;)


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