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The Daily Rogue: Day 7 – The Final Episode

Daily Rogue

If you, for some reason, were wondering where the replay of yesterday’s livestream of The Daily Rogue was… it’s on Twitch. You can view it here.

I tried, many times, to get the video to export to YouTube as I have done with all the previous episodes. Each time, it resulted in an error. It’s still resulting in an error.

So, I’m done with The Daily Rogue. If I can’t export the videos to YouTube, then there really is no point to it as no one was watching the livesteams anyway.

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2 Comments on The Daily Rogue: Day 7 – The Final Episode

  1. Congrats on beating the game! I took a little break from it because I was having a hard time defeating the third boss. I think I just need to build up my stats some more, maybe put more of an emphasis on critical strikes. Are you still on New Game+?


    • I haven’t played a whole lot of it since this final stream, mostly because of having to play other games for review. When I play though, I’m still on New Game+. Still haven’t beaten one of the bosses in it.


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