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Network News: Cinema Vortex Has A New Domain –

Cinema Vortex

Our newly launched movies and television site, Cinema Vortex, is off to a good start in the little over a  week it has been in existence.

Tonight, I put a little bit more love into the TVE Network site by purchasing a domain name for it to replace the ugly one. The same thing will not be happening anytime soon for our wrestling site though.

Cinema Vortex’s new domain is:

Please go follow the site if you haven’t already. Old projects from here are being revived on the new movie site including Classic Cinema Wednesday and coming soon Quick Daily Reviews. Top five countdowns, a panel feature, and Friday Fast Five Film Reviews are all already under way or coming soon.

Again, that’s! Go check it out and subscribe/follow if you’re a film lover.

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  1. Very nice! I’ve added the new site to my reader.


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