The Vortex Effect was founded in April 2011 by the staff members of the then HeelZone Forums. The site’s tagline has been the Monty Python quote “and now for something completely different…” since its founding due to the many topics covered on the site. Since that time, the site has shifted its focus more towards video games and now classifies itself as a gaming website. Other topics are still written about and can be found from our menu category “Non-gaming.” These non-gaming topics include professional wrestling, sports, MMA, entertainment news (and movie reviews), and some politics as well (full disclosure, we are very much a pro-Ron Paul site when it comes to politics).

The primary focus of TVE is however video games. The bulk of our content is gaming news, reviews, impression articles, and videos. Our game reviews are unbiased and as critical as we can make them without trying to suck all the fun (if there is any) out of playing the game.

If you’ve ever considered writing about video games, drop us a line and a writing sample through our contact page. We’re always looking for guys and gals who can offer fresh content (even non-gaming related) to the site. The only thing we require is the ability to write. All positions are unpaid of course, but if you’re dedicated and do well you very well may receive some games/materials to review.

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