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Warframe Goes Open World With Plains of Eidolon Expansion Later This Year

Digital Extremes held their TennoCon 2017 yesterday and they announced a MASSIVE expansion that is a total game-changer for the free-to-play title Warframe.

Later this year, the Plains of Eidolon will release and this adds the first Landscape to Warframe.

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You won’t be playing through a randomly generated maze tileset, instead the Landscape offers up the first “living space” in Warframe… a fully open world for players to experience and explore.

The update introduces the Ostron town of Cetus. This hub is an open market where players can purchase equipment and other items and interact with NPC’s in the town. Cetus will be able to accommodate up to 50 players, but the missions in the Plains of Eidolon will be instanced like the current missions for up to four players.

From Cetus, players will be able to visit the Plains of Eidolon landscape. In this open world, there are numerous mission objectives and no timers. The world is large and open, and you’ll be able to explore and tackle your objective in whatever way you choose.

Since the Plains of Eidolon are large, players will be able to use their Archwing for the first time on land for both fast travel and combat.

The Plains feature a day/night cycle as well, and at night things can get dangerous as the huge Spectral Sentient comes out to play and hunt.

Check out the 17 minute gameplay demo of the Plains of Eidolon to get a look at the town of Cetus and the open world of the Plains.

The Plains of Eidolon update is coming to Warframe later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Patriot’s Position: This expansion looks absolutely amazing. Being a huge Destiny fan and also a fan of open world games, this is something I used to hope Warframe would get for a long time but never would have expected. It might as well be a large patrol zone, which is very appealing to me.

I played a lot of Warframe back in 2014, and then Destiny came out and it, along with every other game for me, fell to the wayside. I’ve gone back to it for small amounts of times in the three years since then, but the game has changed SO MUCH that I am completely lost.

But this update looks so great and is exactly what I’ve wanted from this game, that I’ve reinstalled it today and I’m trying to get back into it. If I were starting fresh it’d probably be easier, but right now I’m lost and I’m going to have a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos to try and get caught up on what I should be doing.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Officially Announced, Releases October 27th

Game Vortex

Assassin's Creed Origins

The worst kept announcement in gaming was officially revealed during the Xbox E3 conference today as Ubisoft announced the next entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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After skipping last year, we won’t have to wait long to get some sweet assassinations going again, as Assassin’s Creed Origins releases on October 27th.

The franchise is going back in time, way back to ancient Egypt and the beginning of the Assassin’s brotherhood.

In Origins, you’ll play as Bayek who was described as being like an “Egyptian sheriff.”

In the gameplay shown, Bayek returned to home town of Siwa to kill a false oracle called Medunamum.

As you can see in the gameplay below, Origins features a new compass system like an Elder Scrolls game instead of the traditional mini map.

There’s a controllable eagle to tag enemies and scout, and a more traditional RPG approach including legendary loot.

Check out the trailer and gameplay reveal below:

5 WWE Alternatives You Should Be Watching

5 WWE Alternatives

As wrestling fans, we’ve all complained about the WWE product from time to time. And right now, the RAW brand really has some of us quite disappointed as we head into WrestleMania with a rather lackluster card featuring part-timers dominating the top matches.

In times like this, where RAW feels like a marathon and you almost never actually sit through all three hours, you may find yourself wishing for an alternative to WWE that isn’t NXT.

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Well they’re out there, and while the quality of production may not be up to WWE’s standard, there are a still promotions easily accessible for free that wrestling fans should be supporting. These promotions aren’t competition to WWE, and they don’t air opposite WWE programming, but they are alternatives when you just really don’t want to watch the current WWE product.

Note that this list is in no way in any sort of order. It’s not even a list of the best promotions to watch. I left off some promotions that I like a lot, like CHIKARA and ICW, because they aren’t as easily accessible. And that’s what this list is all about, ease of accessibility to American viewers (can watch easily for free).

So with that said, here are Five WWE Alternatives You Should Be Watching

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling // Pop TV

Impact Wrestling is on the list for a couple of different reasons and the main one is they are the most accessible to the largest amount of Americans. With a show on Pop TV every Thursday night and no real meaningful pay-per-views anymore, Impact couldn’t be easier to watch from an accessibility standpoint.

The second reason they’re on the list is because Dixie Carter is out and the promotion is under new ownership and “new” management (Anthem owns it, Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell are running it). I’ve long held Dixie Carter responsible for all the terribleness of the former TNA, so just her not being there anymore is a positive. Still though, Impact gets the distinction of being the only one on this list with the caveat that you should check them out on a trial basis.

As TNA, the organization had rebooted several times and promised change, only to always end up being pretty bad. They’re getting the benefit of the doubt this time because of new owners, but it won’t take long to see how things are. Last week’s premiere of the new era of Impact Wrestling was solid, with the only bad thing being extremely annoying commentary thanks to constant bickering between Jeremy Borash and Josh Matthews.

The Hardy’s are gone, and unfortunately it looks like that’s going to be heading to the courts since Impact management are being really petty. But some new faces have debuted, including Alberto El Patron.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood // FITE, YouToo America

The part of the list where most people go “what, who?” Championship Wrestling From Hollywood makes the list because they’re accessible, free, and different. They feel like their own promotion and not just another Indy that gets buzz. Their roster isn’t packed with the bigger names that you see appearing in independents around the world or former WWE talents. They’ve got their own wrestlers, characters, and storylines. They’re also a throwback, watching them kinda feels like watching an old NWA show from the 80’s (with better production of course).

They’re also consistent. Not necessarily in terms of match or story quality, but in terms of the show always being there every week. So many independent promotions come out with a show, or get some syndication, and they run a few episodes and then nothing. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood has been around since September 2010, and just this month celebrated their 300th episode.

Originally part of the National Wrestling Alliance, CWFH is now part of (and the founding member of) the United Wrestling Network.

In terms of match quality, you’re not going to see five star matches here. The show is an hour long, there are no pay-per-views, and the talent just isn’t there to have match of the year candidates. The roster is decent, although if you’re looking to get into the show I’d suggest sticking with it for at least a few episodes and try to get used to the characters and not compare it to WWE or even some of the other promotions on the list. If you do, you’re likely to find a decent hour of wrestling.

CWFH can be found on various syndicated networks on the west coast, nationally on YouToo America if you have it, and every Sunday on FITE (also available freely FITE on-demand). Check them out.

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground // El Rey Network, Netflix

Lucha Underground is by far the most unique promotion/show on this list. The lucha libre show takes place in the fictional “Temple” and invokes some Aztec myths and some strong kayfabe. It’s not just a weekly wrestling show, it operates more like a serial action drama with seasons and has been described as being “closest thing to a real life Mortal Kombat.” It’s highly unique, and thus can be a little off-putting with its production and stories. I know because I couldn’t stand it at first and it took quite some time before I was able to get into it and start to enjoy it.

Lucha Underground is currently in its third season and airs on Wednesday’s on the El Rey Network. Beginning on March 15th, you’ll be able to binge watch seasons one and two on Netflix, so it is a highly accessible alternative to WWE.

The roster is stacked with talent and a memorable cast of characters including former WWE talent Johnny Mundo (John Morrison), Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and PJ Black (Justin Gabriel). Lucha Underground’s roster also includes a few women who don’t compete in a separate division but rather compete against the men, something you won’t be seeing in WWE.

If you haven’t been watching, now’s a good time to start.

ROH Wrestling

Ring of Honor Wrestling // FITE, Comet TV, Syndicated

For many, myself included, Ring of Honor is the number two promotion in the United States. Impact Wrestling may have had a larger national footprint due to Spike TV and now Pop TV (and quite possibly Spike again in the future), but ROH has been #2 for awhile. They just lack a good time slot on a national network that a lot of folks get. As is, a lot of people can watch ROH at some terrible times via Sinclair stations in syndication and nationally on Comet (a sci-fi network that I don’t get). As is, ROH’s weekly TV show is only accessible for myself and many others freely on FITE (just like CWFH and several others that didn’t make this list).

The ROH weekly TV show is generally quite good, but in general the big ROH events are sold on DVD or available on PPV. So you can watch ROH action for free, but they’re the first promotion on the list where to get the most out of it and see the best action, you’re going to have to pay and their PPV’s cost around $35, which could a bit much for some who have gotten use to watching WWE PPV’s as part of the $10 a month WWE Network.

The ROH roster is one of the best in the world featuring contracted exclusive talent as well as top Indy names and a partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling. We’re talking new ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Jay Lethal, The Bullet Club, Alex Shelley, Chris Saban, Matt Sydal, The Briscoes, Bully Ray, Cody Rhodes, and the list goes on.

ROH just celebrated their 15th anniversary with a great pay-per-view event. If you haven’t been watching ROH, now is the time to fire up the FITE app and watch new episodes every Monday an hour before RAW or catch afterwards on demand. ROH is one of the best, and if WWE starts to get you down with some poor booking, ROH is sure to pick you back up with some great in-ring action.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling // AXS TV, NJPW World

New Japan Pro Wrestling has been riding a huge wave of momentum for a number of years now, growing steadily in popularity in the United States. I think a legitimate case could be made that NJPW is currently the best wrestling promotion in the world. Not as big as WWE, at least in the States, but better if just about every other way.

This list isn’t in any particular order, but NJPW is last on the list for two reasons; 1.) save the best for last, and 2.) they are by far the least accessible promotion on the list and the hardest to get into.

NJPW airs on AXS TV every Friday night, and it’s a great way to freely and legally watch some great NJPW action. The hour long show usually features one or two matches from a big NJPW show, and that’s it. Sometimes AXS will devote four weeks and show just about an entire event as they did with Wrestle Kingdom 11. And while the matches can be in their entirety, it can feel like you’re watching a best of or even highlights, and thus aren’t getting the full experience of following NJPW as it happens.

AXS offers up a great sampling of NJPW action. You’re guaranteed to see some of the best matches from NJPW with the added bonus of English commentary from Jim Ross and Josh Bartnett. But if you like what you see on AXS, and want to get more into NJPW and watch live events, you’re going to need to spend money on a monthly subscription to NJPW World, which is essentially the NJPW version of WWE Network. It cost $8.40 a month.

ROH 15th Anniversary Results; Daniels Wins!

Christopher Daniels ROH Champion

Ring of Honor Wrestling held their 15th Anniversary event on pay-per-view tonight, and if you missed it I HIGHLY recommend you catch a replay of it.

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It was a fantastic event that was capped off by two great matches. Full results, and some thoughts, below:

  • Jay White pinned Kenny King in 10:15.
  • Frankie Kazarian beat Cheeseburger, Hangman Page, Chris Sabin, Silas Young, and Damien Martinez in a six-way in 9:00 to earn an ROH TV Title shot.
  • Jay Lethal defeated Bobby Fish in 15:10.
  • Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia beat Dalton Castle and The Boyz in 8:05 to retain the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles.
  • Marty Scurll beat Lio Rush to retain the ROH TV Title in 18:40.
  • Bully Ray and The Briscoes defeated War Machine and Davey Boy Smith Jr. in 12:00.
  • Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy beat The Young Bucks and RPG Vice in 17:10 in a Las Vegas Street Fight to retain the ROH Tag Titles.
  • Christopher Daniels defeated Adam Cole to win the ROH Championship.

Patriot’s Ponderings: GREAT event. Easily the best PPV from an American based promotion this year.

Really loved the main event between Christopher Daniels and Adam Cole. Daniels has long been a favorite of mine, so I was quite happy to see him FINALLY capture a world championship after some 24 years wrestling. I hate the chant, but he definitely deserves it.

I assume Adam Cole is on his way out. He’ll be in WWE, but I think he’ll have an extended stay in NJPW before gets there. Omega/Cole will be great when it happens in NJPW.

Really enjoyed the hell out of the Hardy’s/Young Bucks/RPG Vice street fight too. Wild brawl. Shame Impact Wrestling management is being douchebags and wouldn’t let the Hardy’s do the Broken gimmick. Really fun match.

Lethal/Fish and Scurll/Rush were also really good matches.

Didn’t care so much for the six man tag featuring Bully Ray teaming with the Briscoes. The match itself was fine, but that’s not how to use Bully Ray. That was Bubba Ray Dudley doing his nostalgia act in WWE a year ago.

Quick Daily Review #267: Bone Tomahawk (2015)


Bone Tomahawk (2015)
Director: S. Craig Zahler

This is a hell of a year for Kurt Russel fans. Not having done a western of any kind since Tombstone, 2015 will see him star in two oaters, this being the first, and the second one being QT’s upcoming ‘Hateful 8’. Bone Tomahawk (a truly great title) is billed as a genre-crossing horror western, although I would say that’s really only applicable to the final act of the film, which to be fair, cranks up the intensity level to eleven as far as the gore and terror are concerned. My wife is a huge fan of sadistic horror flicks like Saw and The Hills Have Eyes etc…. (the kind of stuff I wince at and try to generally avoid) and once this movie hit its crescendo of violence, she even had to tap out and say that it was too much for even her satiated senses. That said, the story is simple enough as Kurt Russel plays a small town badass sheriff who takes along a trio of locals to look for a kidnapped girl. Russel fits into the role like a well-worn glove, and never misses a beat. Richard Jenkins, another of my favorite character actors plays Russel’s deputy in the film, and plays the kind of part here that used to go to guys like Walter Brennan or Gabby Hayes back in the hey-day of western glory. The majority of this movie takes place on the move, with characters talking on horseback, or at campfires. All the characters are well developed and sympathetic to an extent—even Matthew Fox’s “indian hunter” character who is cast as the token asshole of the movie is well written enough that I came to regard him as an actual person instead of just waiting for him to get an arrow slung through him. Patrick Wilson plays the husband of the kidnapped lady. He joins the ride to rescue her even though he has a broken leg, which of course causes a few interesting twists and turns plot-wise. All in all, Bone Tomahawk was a win for me on every level. The movie is directed by S. Craig Zahler and co-produced by Jack Heller and Dallas Sonnier. The principal photography of the movie started out in October 6, 2014. The movie was primarily shot in California’s Malibu. The filming went on for 21 long days, mainly at the Paramount Ranch, an important site throughout the movie and this makes it an interesting watch. The cast was great, the direction was solid (aside from moving a bit slow in the middle parts) and the action was intense. Fans of both the horror and western genre should definitely go give this a watch—provided you aren’t overly squeamish.


Also, if you’re a fan of westerns and lament the fact that there aren’t too many good ones being made anymore—I recommend getting this movie and making it part of a triple-header matinee with other recent westerns–notably The Salvation (2014) and Slow West (2015) both of which were previously reviewed in this series. While mainstream westerns may be a thing of the past aside from rare exceptions, we may be in the midst of a golden period for low budget indy-westerns with great movies like these coming out in such rapid succession.

Quick Daily Review #149: True Lies (1994)

True Lies (1994)

I don’t know if this is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best action movie, but I believe it may be my personal favorite.  This is a good example of a very smart dumb movie. Arnold plays an American version of James Bond by night, and a normal loving boring husband day, to his wife played by the smoking hot at the time Jamie Lee Curtis. Arnold’s sidekick here is played capably by Tom Arnold in one of the few parts he’s made me not want to punch him in the face for.  The story is beside the point. It’s the usual terrorists and a huge nuke going to blow up some interchangeable US City unless they receive some ungodly amount of money. What makes this one work is the audacity and style of the movie, and also a good dose of sex appeal provided by the aforementioned Curtis and also the lovely Tia Carrere. Also, Bill Paxton nearly steals the movie with his hilarious performance as a used car salesman who gets his jollies seducing bored housewives by pretending to be a secret agent. A scene with him and Arnold testing out on his faster model vehicles goes about the way you’d suspect, but that’s only the beginning of the fun. There’s a whole lot to love here in terms of ridiculous action including an extended automobile chase scene with Arnold on a police horse attempting to jump off a skyscraper, and a grand finale with a terrorist taking an “Dr. Strangelove” ride off of an active missile to meet his just deserts.

The movie is an action movie directed by James Cameron. The movie is co-produced by Cameron and Stephanie Austin. The movie is loosely based on the French film, La Totale, which was directed by Claude Zidi. The movie was distributed by 20th Century Fox in the regions of North America under Universal Pictures globally. The movie was a box-office hit and earned more than $378 million. Jamie Lee Curtis who played the role of Helen Tasker won the Best Actress Award from the Golden Globe in the category of Musical/Comedy in 1994 for her performance. Click to find out more about this movie.

Arnold has never looked classier, had better comic timing, or better people to work with than he had here. While this is not quite as iconic some of his other stuff, this for me, is one of his most fun outings for sure.


In Theaters This Week: June 28th – July 4th


Planning on catching a movie in the theaters this week ? Well, these are the films releasing this week. Check your local theater to see if they’re playing in your area.

July 1st:

Terminator Genisys – When John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. Now, Sgt. Reese finds himself in a new and unfamiliar version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely allies, including the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger), dangerous new enemies, and an unexpected new mission: To reset the future…

The movie, directed by Alan Taylor is a science fiction and is the fifth movie under the Terminator franchise but is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the earlier or upcoming movies. The visual effects are simply mind blowing, created by the Moving Picture Company (MPC). This is a must-view movie of the month.

Magic Mike XXL – Picking up the story three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, “Magic Mike XXL” finds the remaining Kings of Tampa likewise ready to throw in the towel. But they want to do it their way: burning down the house in one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach, and with legendary headliner Magic Mike sharing the spotlight with them. On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.

Jimmy’s Hall – In 1921 Jimmy Gralton’s sin was to build a dance hall on a rural crossroads in an Ireland on the brink of Civil War. The Pearse-Connolly Hall was a place where young people could come to learn, to argue, to dream… but above all to dance and have fun. As the hall grew in popularity its socialist and free-spirited reputation brought it to the attention of the church and politicians who forced Jimmy to flee and the hall to close. A decade later, at the height of the Depression, Jimmy returns to Co. Leitrim from the US to look after his mother and vows to live the quiet life. The hall stands abandoned and empty, and despite the pleas of the local youngsters, remains shut. However as Jimmy reintegrates into the community and sees the poverty, and growing cultural oppression, the leader and activist within him is stirred. He makes the decision to reopen the hall in the face of what they may bring…

Faith of Our Fathers – With the Vietnam War raging in 1969, two young fathers report for duty. A man of great faith and a doubtful cynic. A quarter-century later, their sons, Wayne and John Paul, meet as strangers. Guided by letters handwritten from their fathers from the battlefield, they embark on an unforgettable journey to The Wall—the Vietnam Veteran Memorial in Washington, D.C. Along the way, they discover the devestation of war cannot break the love of a father for his son.

Mala Mala – A celebration of the trans and drag communities in Puerto Rico. A unique exploration of self-discovery and activism, featuring a diverse collection of subjects that include LGBTQ activists, business owners, sex workers, and a boisterous group of drag performers who call themselves The Doll House, “Mala Mala” portrays a fight for personal and community acceptance paved with triumphant highs and devastating lows. Filmed over the course of a historic three-year period, “Mala Mala” records the beginning of a new transliberation movement in Puerto Rico, as trans people came out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Through riveting cinematography that encapsulates the candy-colored, vivacious personalities as well as their frequently dark personal experiences, directors Santini and Sickles dynamically present the passion and hardships reflective of this distinctly binary human experience.

July 3rd:

Jackie & Ryan – Ryan Brenner (Ben Barnes), a travelling musician, and Jackie Laurel (Katherine Heigl), a former singer at a crossroads in her marriage, have a chance encounter while Ryan is busking on the streets of Ogden, Utah. After a sudden car accident propels them together, Ryan finds himself at Jackie’s house for dinner. Ryan’s battling to find the courage to write his own music while Jackie’s fighting for independence from her estranged husband who wants her to return to their upscale Manhattan marriage. When Ryan’s musician mentor dies in a train accident and Jackie’s husband threatens to take custody of her daughter, Ryan and Jackie find the strength and music they need in each other. What they don’t know is, if the paths they choose will lead to one another.

In Stereo – David and Brenda, who are perfect for each other and everyone knows it… except David and Brenda. After they break-up, their lives spiral out of control. David self-destructs as an artist while dating an immature woman who sleeps with his best friend. Brenda endures a failing acting career, an eviction notice, and a boyfriend who just doesn’t do it for her. And then chance brings Brenda and David back together on the streets of New York … at the worst possible time.

Amy – From BAFTA award-winning director Asif Kapadia (“Senna”), “Amy” tells the incredible story of six-time Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse – in her own words. Featuring extensive unseen archive footage and previously unheard tracks, this strikingly modern, moving and vital film shines a light on the world we live in, in a way that very few can. A once-in-a-generation talent, Amy Winehouse was a musician that captured the world’s attention. A pure jazz artist in the most authentic sense – she wrote and sung from the heart using her musical gifts to analyse her own problems. The combination of her raw honesty and supreme talent resulted in some of the most unique and adored songs of the modern era. Her huge success, however, resulted in relentless and invasive media attention which coupled with Amy’s troubled relationships and precarious lifestyle saw her life tragically begin to unravel. Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at the age of 27.

Stray Dog – Debra Granik’s documentary STRAY DOG, a powerful look at the veteran experience, a surprising love story, and a fresh exploration of what it takes to survive in the hardscrabble heartland. Harley-Davidson, leather, tattooed biceps: Ron “Stray Dog” Hall looks like an authentic tough guy. A Vietnam War veteran, Ron runs a trailer park in rural Missouri. After seven years of living on his own, he has begun a new life with his wife, Alicia, who recently emigrated from Mexico. Stray Dog and Alicia caravan on his Harley with fellow vets on an annual pilgrimage to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. Gradually, a layered image comes into focus of a man who has been seared and tempered by his combat experience, and is struggling to come to terms with himself. When Alicia’s two teenage sons arrive in Missouri, the film reveals a tender portrait of an America completely outside the mainstream. Stray Dog is at once a powerful look at the veteran experience, a surprising love story, and a fresh exploration of what it takes to survive in the hardscrabble heartland of America.

Cartel Land – In the Mexican state of Michoacán, Dr. Jose Mireles, a small-town physician known as “El Doctor,” leads the Autodefensas, a citizen uprising against the violent Knights Templar drug cartel that has wreaked havoc on the region for years. Meanwhile, in Arizona’s Altar Valley – a narrow, 52-mile-long desert corridor known as Cocaine Alley – Tim “Nailer” Foley, an American veteran, heads a small paramilitary group called Arizona Border Recon, whose goal is to stop Mexico’s drug wars from seeping across our border. Filmmaker Matthew Heineman embeds himself in the heart of darkness as Nailer, El Doctor, and the cartel each vie to bring their own brand of justice to a society where institutions have failed.

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Quick Daily Review #132: Death Proof (2007)


Death Proof (2007)

Kurt Russell plays a dark brooding, but still stylish creepy stalker type in “Death Proof”. His character, Stunt Man Mike, is a guy who trolls around looking for young ladies to turn into his next victim. Equipped with an Elvis comb-over and a custom made stunt car that can survive even the worst wrecks unscathed.

Here are the findings of the film.

Death Proof is a horror film that was released in 2007. The movie was directed and produced by Quentin Tarantino and edited by Sally Menke by the Troublemaker Studios. The movie was released on 6th April, 2007 and was distributed by Dimension Films.

Apart from Kurt Russell, the film also stars Vanessa Ferlito, Rosario Dawson, Jordan Ladd, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Rose McGowan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Tracie Thoms. Moreover, the movie also features Zoë Bell, the stuntwoman, who portrays herself. The movie is an exploitation film and features muscle car from the 1970s.

The movie is packed with high octane and was received with moderate reviews on its release. Death Proof had a face-off at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007 for the Palme d’Or.

I first saw this movie as part of the package deal that was known as Grindhouse, which also featured the great Planet Terror. The pacing of this movie is probably the weakest part of it, with the majority of it taking place inside a bar in which a large ensemble group of female characters exchange banter that weaves in out of creative and funny and just gnawing and grating. Then midway through the movie something happens, and we are transported to what is almost a sequel contained within the same movie. This is a movie that contains some great scenes and has some really memorable moments, but they never quite come together to make anything resembling a narrative. Still, there’s a lot to be enjoyed here including saucy performances from Sydney Tamiia Poitier’s character “Jungle Julia”, Rosario Dawson looking fine as ever, and Zoë Bell’s stunt woman character who shows up in the final arch to duke it out with Russell. This movie shows Tarintino in full candy store mode. He gets to geek out over cool cars, old movies, and cast a ton of attractive ladies that he got work with. I wonder how many takes that infamous Lap Dance scene with Vanessa Ferlito took for instance.