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WWE Smackdown 10/24/14 Preview: Hell (in a Cell) Awaits

WWE Smackdown

The follow matches were taped to air on Smackdown tonight, from Wichita, Kansas: Miz & Damien Sandow vs. El Matadores Alicia Foxx vs. AJ Lee Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro Nikki Bella, Summer Rae, & Cameron vs. Brie Bella, Naomi, & Natalya Mark Henry & The Uso's vs. Bo Dallas, Gold and Stardust Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will also be in the house. Smackdown airs tonight at 7pm CT on SyFy. Smith's Sentiment: Looks like a throw away show. Not exactly what the last show before a PPV should be, but then again they probably figure that "it's just Smackdown." … [Read more...]

Watch The Witcher III: Wild Hunt’s Awesome Opening Cinematic


CD Projekt Red has released the opening cinematic for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, and it's pretty awesome (in large part because of the great music). Unfortunately we still have to wait until February 24th to play it. Check it out below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcogCjLymeI Foreshadowing the story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Trail Opening Cinematic is an epic sneak peek into the adventure that awaits gamers in Wild Hunt. See witchers Geralt of Rivia and his mentor Vesemir pursue Geralt’s long lost love, the immensely powerful, raven-black-haired sorceress -- Yennefer of Vengerberg. Smith's Sentiment: Great opening cinematic. I haven't played a Witcher game before; PC wouldn't run it and they didn't come to PS3. So this one will be my first, and I have to say that I am … [Read more...]

‘Who Got NXT’ Mode Announced Exclusively for PS3/X360 Version of WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners won't get the new MyCareer mode (which allows players to create a wrestler, go through the performance center, mix it up with NXT stars, and finally make their way to the main roster) with their copy of WWE 2K15, but today 2K has announced an exclusive mode for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version that incorporates NXT. The mode is called "Who Got NXT." The mode focuses on five NXT superstars: Sami Zayne, Rusev, Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, and Bo Dallas. Each superstar gets a story that is comprised of four matches. Complete these matches in order, and fulfill the match stipulations, and you'll unlock the NXT star for the full roster to use in other game modes. Completing all of it and unlocking all five NXT stars will open up a new match type called Proving Ground. It … [Read more...]

Friday (The 13th) Fast Five Film Reviews


Hello everyone. Jules here, and since there are two more Fridays left in October, I figured I would take our weekly film review feature here and give it a bit of seasonal tweaking. So for the next two weeks, I will be doing short and sweet reviews of the Friday the 13th slasher series. Look for them here once more next Friday, same time, same station. Friday the 13th (1980) Official Score: 4 Stars I recently bought the entire F13 series on the cheap in several 5 dollar DVD double features, and the wife and I have been watching a couple every week. It is interesting now watching these movies that I used to stay up late watching as a kid. These movies were designed to be seen on dates, or in big group settings, and so I found it useful to have experienced these movies with an extra … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 10/24/14: Xur Returns With More Exotic Items, Bounties, Daily Heroic


Guardians, it's Friday, and that means Xur has returned to the Tower. You can check out his wares and location immediately below this (and the bounties are below Xur this time, for those of you who only come for the bounties). I had a pretty good day yesterday; playing as my Hunter I got a rare engram that decrypted into a pair of legendary gauntlets for my Titan. I immediately put that in my vault to pass to him; he needed those gauntlets to replace the rare ones. That put my titan up to level 26. Still need to get some legendary boots, but the grind to increase rep isn't fun the second time around. I also, for the first time since the engram patch weeks ago, got a legendary engram. Not as a reward, but as a drop. You'll get to see it drop next week, because it happened during a story … [Read more...]

Nintendo Details 50+ Super Smash Bros for Wii U Facts


Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of Super Smash Bros on Wii U on November 21st, and to try and make you excited they've released a 30+ minute video detailing over 50 facts about the Wii U version of the game. Check out the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0BBGzfw0pQ If that didn't sell you on the Wii U version then nothing will. That was a great serving of hype. Will you be picking up Super Smash Bros for Wii U? Let us know in the comments below. … [Read more...]

PS4 Firmware Update 2.0, “Masamune,” Goes Live Tuesday, October 28th


Fellow PS4 owners, our highly anticipated firmware update drops in just five days. Sony revealed today through Twitter that update 2.0, named Masamune, will release on October 28th: https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/525361057154736128 This update brings a host of changes and new features: Share Play Upload videos to YouTube Additions to Live from PlayStation, including the ability to sort and follow channels, as well as broadcast archives USB music player Sort options in the Library Changes colors, themes Players you may know friend recommendations Changes to the content area And more! I've been looking forward to this update for a while. Go subscribe to our YouTube channel, because it's about to get a lot more active now that I don't have to … [Read more...]

WWE NXT 10/23/14 Preview: Adrian Neville Defends Against Titus O’Neil


Here's the non-spoiler rundown of tonight's episode of NXT on WWE Network: The Ascension vs. Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker The Vaudevillains vs. Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy Bayley vs. Sasha Banks Adrian Neville vs. Titus O'Neal to retain the NXT Championship NXT airs at 8pm CT on WWE Network tonight. … [Read more...]

Check Out Assassin’s Creed Unity’s “Immersive” Open World Activities

Assassin's Creed Unity

Ubisoft has released a new Assassin's Creed Unity "Experience" video, this one detailing some of the open world activities that you'll be able to do outside of the campaign. These include murder mysteries, Paris Stories (which are revamped assassination missions), treasure hunts, and co-op Heists missions. Check it out in the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-h8me2zrRw Assassin's Creed Unity hits stores on November 11th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Smith's Sentiment: All that looks good. I like the sound of the murder mysteries, and it's about time they change up the assassination/contract missions. Making those missions a narrative should make them a lot better. The co-op heists missions sound like a lot of fun, and should offer up a lot of replay value since guard locations … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 10/23/14: Daily Bounties, Live Stream


Change comes to Destiny Daily today; we have a new banner above, the sidebar is gone, the post is better laid out, and finally there's more information contained. I've tried it out the past two days, and I think it works out well enough, so today also marks the official begin of the Destiny Daily Live Stream. Each day at the bottom of the post, I'll be doing a 30 minute to one hour live stream beginning at roughly 11am CT. No commentary at the moment as I have mic issues, but they may come in the future. If you prefer the old, plain layout then let me know and I'll revert back to doing that way. In the meantime, here are the daily bounties for 10/23: BOUNTY DESCRIPTION + REP / + EXP  Walking Tall Complete any Strike without dying.  +100 / +5,000  Relic Harvest - Mars Collect 200 … [Read more...]


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