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Review: BlazeRush


BlazeRush (PS3 [Reviewed], PC) Developer: Targem Games Publisher: Targem Games Genre(s): Arcade Racing, Indie Released: October 28, 2014 (PC), November 4, 2014 (PS3) ESRB Rating: E10+ - Everyone 10+ BlazeRush is a fast paced action racer with an isometric almost slanted top-down perspective. It harkens back to classic Micro Machines with combat and Mario Kart style boosters. The game features a career mode that largely feels like one big tutorial. Here you'll do things like complete solo laps within a certain amount of time, learn about weapons and power-ups, and of course race against bots. Naturally the actual racing part of the campaign is the best part of it, and it comes in a few different flavors. There's the standard three lap race in which you try to be the first one to cross the … [Read more...]

Indie Arcade Shooter ‘Syder Arcade’ Now Available on Steam

In the mood for some old fashioned, side-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade action? If so, good news, Studio Evil's title "Syder Arcade" is now available on Steam for the low low price of just $7.99 (until October 31st, then it'll be $9.99). You can check the trailer above. The classic style arcade shooter was greenlit by Steam users, and features controller support and is compatible with Steam Big Picture. It's also rocking Steam leaderboards, new achievements, and the ever popular Steam trading cards. In addition, Syder Arcade will be receving an update soon that will add a new ship and an all new survival mode. To their credit, Studio Evil will continue to update the game in 2014 with new levels and ships. “It didn’t take long for us to become addicted to Syder Arcade’s fast-paced … [Read more...]

Housemarque Teases Dead Nation Sequel

Housemarque, developers of PS3 exclusives Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD, have a brand new game coming to PS4 at launch called Resogun that looks pretty great. If Resogun is anything like Housemarque's previous outings, it is going to be insanely addictive. You can check out Resogun above, and if you are a PS+ member picking up a PS4 this year, you'll be able to snag Resogun for free as part of the instant game collection. At the end of the above video though, which is a special message to Dead Nation fans, Housemarque reveals that they do have another title coming out for PS4 but of course dude gets tackled by the zombie before he could say what it is. I picked up Dead Nation after the PSN hack fiasco when Sony gave the game away for free as part of the welcome back. It's a ton … [Read more...]

Quick Daily Review #40: Crazy Taxi [Video Game]

Quick Daily Review #40: Crazy Taxi [Video Game] Developer: SEGA Publisher: SEGA Platform: PSN Back in the day, there were two arcade games that I played a ton of: Cruisin’ USA and Crazy Taxi. Both were great, but the reason I played them so much is simply because they were in more places than just an arcade; they were in places like Wal-Mart too. I liked Cruisin’ better, simply because I was better at it and well it wasn’t that hard to win a free game on that one. Both of these great arcade games made their way to home consoles eventually. Cruisin’ was on the N64, and Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast. I never owned a Dreamcast, so I missed out on the home console release of it. As luck would have it, I did eventually get the Crazy Taxi retail game for the original Xbox. I played that for a … [Read more...]

Review: The Pinball Arcade

The Pinball Arcade (XBLA, PSN [Reviewed], PS Vita, Android, iPhone, Nintendo 3DS) Developer: FarSight Studios Publisher: FarSight Studios Genre(s): Arcade, Pinball Released: April 4, 2012 XBLA, April 10, 2012 PSN ESRB Rating: E10+ - Everyone 10+ While classic arcades have been slowly dying out in most places, pinball has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence on home consoles. FarSight Studios has brought over The Pinball Arcade to XBLA and PSN (and PS Vita) and it's a game pinball enthusiast have been waiting for. The Pinball Arcade isn't just another pinball game for home consoles (and mobile devices), it's actually four real pinball tables brought to life on the platform of your choice.  … [Read more...]


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