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Destiny Daily 10/22/14: Daily Bounties & The Ishtar Collective


Yesterday was the weekly reset in Destiny, and with that came a "new" Nightfall Strike. If you saw my live stream in yesterday's post, you probably know that I failed on my first attempt at soloing it. I got one-shot melee'd by a Thrall of all things in the boss room/ Oh well. I went back later in the afternoon with my level 27 brother and beat it. My reward? Not Strange Coins for the first time; I guess they didn't want me to stop playing until December. I got the Knucklehead Radar helmet. Of course that is already the helmet I use and have fully upgraded, so I really just got two shards. I won't complain though, I knew that chance was there when I bought the helmet. My brother meanwhile got SUROS Regime, which I bought weeks ago and he wasn't at a high enough level to buy then. So I … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 10/21/14: New Weekly Heroic, Nightfall, and Daily Bounties


It's the start of a brand new week in Destiny Guardians. You can once again get loot from the raid, the Nightfall, the Weekly Heroic, as well as earn Marks. But first things first, here are the bounties for 10/21: Vanguard TARGET: SEKRION - Defeat Nexus Mind Sekrion in the "Nexus" Strike on Venus (+50 Rep, +2500 XP) Fallen Leaders - Kill 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras (+100 Rep, +5000 XP) Body Dropper - Kill 100 enemies without dying (+50 Rep, +2500 XP) Predator and Prey - Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them (+50 Rep, +2500 XP) TARGET: DIVISIVE MIND - Defeat the Divisive Mind in "The Black Garden" mission on Mars with the Heroic modifier active (+100 Rep, +5000 XP) Patrol Venus - Complete 6 Patrol mission on Venus (+50 Rep, +2500 XP) Crucible … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 10/20/14: Last Day of the Destiny Week, Daily Bounties


Welcome back Guardians to another Destiny Daily. It's Monday, and that means today is the final day to do the Weekly Heroic and/or Nightfall strike if you haven't done so. If you're able to do it, I highly recommend that you do so. It's also a good time to finish getting your Marks for the week if you haven't hit the cap yet. Tomorrow is of course the weekly world reset, and that means a new Weekly Heroic and Nightfall strike, plus the ability to earn 100 Marks for both Vanguard and Crucible once again. I expect the Weekly/Nightfall to be The Summoning Pits on the moon, but we'll see tomorrow. First on deck for the daily agenda, the bounties for 10/20: Vanguard Walking Tall - Complete any Strike without dying (+100 Rep, +5000 XP) It's All in the Head - Kill 100 enemies with … [Read more...]

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Launch Trailer Arrives 2 Weeks Early

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn't hit stores until November 4th, but that didn't stop Activision from going ahead and releasing the launch trailer. Check it out below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSp8ZqIKEIM A new vision for the blockbuster franchise, Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare takes players to a future devastated by a global attack. Rising from the chaos is Atlas, a Private Military Corporation led by the cunning Jonathan Irons. With the most powerful military force in the world, Atlas has effectively become a superpower for hire. Playing as Jack Mitchell, suit up in an advanced exoskeleton and join a highly-trained unit committed to restoring order. The exoskeleton carries over into Multiplayer, where an all-new movement system changes the way players traverse the … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 10/17/14: Xur Is Back and Daily Bounties


It's Friday Guardians, and that of course means that everyone's favorite vendor is back in the Tower. Yes, Xur has returned to peddle more of his exotic wares. Checkout our feature from yesterday to see what Game Modes and Events We Want to See Come to Destiny and be sure to let us know what you'd like to see come to the game as well. Before we see what Xur has for sale this week, let's first look at the daily bounties for 10/17: Vanguard One For All - Achieve Gold Tier Rating in Public Events (+100 Rep, +5000 XP) Unstoppable - Earn 9000 Experience without dying (+50 Rep, +2500 XP) Overcharge - Kill 2 enemies at once with a Fusion Rifle, 20 times (+100 Rep, +5000 XP) TARGET: PRIMUS SHA'AULL - Defeat Primus Shau'ull in "The Garden's Spire" mission on Mars with the … [Read more...]


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