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Review: Madden NFL 15


Madden NFL 15 (PS4 [Reviewed], Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360) Developer: EA Tiburon Publisher: EA Sports Genre(s): Football, Sports Released: August 26, 2014 ESRB Rating: E - Everyone I played and reviewed last year's Madden NFL 25 on PS3 when it released. That game later came to PS4 and Xbox One, but as I didn't get a PS4 until May, I didn't experience last year's Madden game on the current gen systems. So the first thing I noticed when getting into a game on Madden NFL 15 was just how much better it looks versus last year's game on PS3. It simply looks amazing, and the team at Tiburon has gone a great job of adding in a ton of detail. They've scanned the majority of team rosters, so at the very least star players are going to look like their real life counterparts (to a degree of course). … [Read more...]

Review: The Last of Us Remastered


The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Genre(s): Survival, Third Person Shooter Released: July 29, 2014 ESRB Rating: M – Mature The Last of Us was an undeniable hit when it landed a year ago on PS3, both with PS3 owners and critics. The game received perfect scores galore (including from me) and over 200 Game of the Year awards (again, including mine). For me, it was one of the swan songs for the PS3. It was no surprise then earlier this year when The Last of Us Remastered was announced for PS4. After all, the system has been selling very well, and a lot of PS4 owners never owned a PS3. With the updated and more powerful hardware, a remastered or definitive version of 2013's Game of the Year just made a lot of sense. The … [Read more...]

Review: Rogue Legacy


Rogue Legacy (PS4 [Reviewed], PS3, PS Vita, PC) Developer: Cellar Door Games Publisher: Cellar Door Games Genre(s): Roguelike, 2D Platformer Released: July 29, 2014 (PlayStation Systems), June 27, 2013 (PC) ESRB: T - Teen Rogue Legacy was a critical hit when it released on PC a little over a year ago, and today Cellar Door Games have brought their hit title to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita with cross-buy and cross-save. Rogue Legacy is now available on the PlayStation Store for $16.99, and that's a great price since you're getting it for three systems and because the game is superb. I became a fan of the “roguelike,” or in this case “roguelite,” genre last year (I know, way late to the genre party) when Spelunky came to PS3. There's something about the procedurally generated worlds and old … [Read more...]

Review: The Swapper


The Swapper (PS4 [Reviewed], PS3, PS Vita, PC) Developers: Curve Studios (PlayStation), Facepalm Games (PC) Publishers: Curve Studios Genre(s): 2D Puzzle Platformer Released: August 5, 2014 (PlayStation), May 30, 2013 (PC) ESRB: E - Everyone Facepalm Games released The Swapper to near unanimous praise over a year ago for PC, and thanks to Curve Studios the mind bending puzzler is primed to land on PlayStation's 4, 3, and Vita on August 5th. You begin your journey in The Swapper emerging from an escape pod and boarding the doomed Space Station Theseus. Within minutes, you'll acquire the first of two abilities that you'll need to complete the game; a device that allows you to make up to four clones of yourself. Soon after that, you'll gain the ability to swap between the clones. Yes, … [Read more...]

Review: Unrest


Unrest (PC) Developer: Pyrodactyl Games Publisher: Kiss LTD Genre: Adventure RPG Released: July 23, 2014 ESRB: Not Rated Unrest is an RPG that is vastly different than anything I would usually play. There's no real combat in the game and there are no puzzles to solve. There's no leveling up or experience gained. There's not even one main character to play as. Unrest is set in ancient India during a time of riots and general unrest (hence the name). You'll play as several different characters throughout the game, each broken up into their own chapter(s). You'll move your character through the beautiful hand drawn world and talk to NPC's and do simple quest. The bulk of game is reading and answering questions with some of the best written dialogue choices that I've seen in a game before. … [Read more...]

Review: Crimsonland


Crimsonland (PS4 [Reviewed], PS3, PS Vita, PC) Developer: 10tons Ltd. Publisher: 10tons Ltd. Genre(s): Twin-stick Shooter Released: July 15, 2014 (PlayStation Systems), June 11, 2014 (Steam) ESRB Rating: M – Mature If you own a PlayStation system and are a fan of retro style top down shooters then you're in luck; 10tons have brought their super gory title Crimsonland to PS4/PS3/PS Vita, with cross-buy. The quest mode of Crimsonland takes place through six chapters, each with 10 missions. You're an unnamed space soldier fighting against an onslaught of enemies for no discernible reason other than survival. You aren't getting cut-scenes and a story here; this game is all about the gameplay. On that note, it's a good thing then that the gameplay is strong and kind of addicting in that “one … [Read more...]

Review: MouseCraft


MouseCraft (PS4 [Reviewed], PS3, PS Vita, PC) Developer: Crunching Koalas, Curve Studios Publisher: Curve Studios Genre(s): Puzzle Release Date: July 8, 2014 ESRB Rating: E – Everyone There may be a drought of big release titles on the new gaming consoles, but one thing PS4 isn't lacking is quality indie titles. A couple of these digital games release every month, and July started off hot with the release of MouseCraft from Curve Studios. MouseCraft is a “simple” 2D puzzle game in the vein of something like Lemmings only much more enjoyable in this day and age. You're tasked with helping three mice get past a series of obstacles to get to the cheese. To complete the level, you only need to get one mouse to the cheese. Sounds easy right? In truth it is, but that largely depends on how … [Read more...]

Review: R.B.I. Baseball ’14

RBI Baseball 14

R.B.I. Baseball '14 (PS4 [Reviewed], Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android) Developer(s): MLB.com, Behavior Interactive Publisher: MLB.com Genre(s): Sports, Baseball Released: June 24, 2014 (PS4, Xbox One), April 9, 2014 (PS3, X360) ESRB Rating: E – Everyone There was a time when a console would have many baseball games released in the same year resulting in a vast library of baseball games. Gamers who were baseball fans had no shortage of games to play. These days, Sony's MLB: The Show is the only game in town following the demise of the multiplatform series from 2K Sports. So unless you were a PlayStation (4, 3, or Vita) owner, you've been being deprived of baseball gaming. That's where MLB.com stepped in. MLB's Advanced Media wing caught a lot of folks off guard when they announced … [Read more...]

Review: Blue Estate

Blue Estate Game

Blue Estate (PS4, Xbox One) Developer: HeSaw Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Genre(s): On Rails Shooter Release Date: June 24, 2014 (PS4), TBA (Xbox One) ESRB Rating: M – Mature If you don't know what Blue Estate is (and I didn't), it's a comic book by Viktor Kalvachev. This is a digital only game based on the comic by developers HeSaw (from what I can gather, the first game from the Paris based developing studio). It's unlike anything currently available on PS4. That's a good thing for this game, because it has a certain market all to its self. That market is the on-rails shooter market. Popular in arcades, the on-rails “light gun” shooter genre saw a bit of a rebirth a few years ago thanks to the Wii and its unique motion controller and also on PS3 with Move and Xbox with Kinect. But … [Read more...]

The Backlog Volume # 25 – Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Platform: Wii U Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre(s): Racing Released: May 30, 2014 ESRB Rating: E - Everyone Hello everyone and welcome back to the ramblings of a man with too many video games and not enough time to play them, The Backlog. We haven't done this in a while, my real life and day job have seen to that by (figuratively) kicking me in the nuts and (literally) slamming me into a tree (I'm fine, but my bank account would beg to differ). Anyway, with my return, we will be looking at Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has deemed the Wii U a failure, but that did not stop me from picking up the latest edition of Mario Kart. Graphics: This is a fantastic looking game. It is probably the most crisp, sharpest looking game I've ever seen on any Nintendo console. Each track and their … [Read more...]


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