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The Unfinished Swan Coming Exclusively to PSN

Giant Sparrow is bring The Unfinished Swan, a first person painting game, exclusively to PSN. The teaser trailer above has done its job; it has me intrigued. The game starts off with a totally white screen and you throw paint at the world to reveal and explore what's actually there. It's just the kind of different and unique that could work. Giant Sparrow says they have a deal, "an incubation deal" (which I guess is quasi-internalizing), with Sony similar to what thatgamecompany has. Basically, Sony has given Giant Sparrow funding, office space, equipment, and advice (in the form of a graphics programmer from the God of War team), in order for Giant Sparrow to make this PSN exclusive game. This part of the reveal on the Official Playstation Blog has also really grabbed my … [Read more...]


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